Forsyth Middle School

Board Report December 15, 2022

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From all of us in the Middle School, Merry Christmas!


5th Seated 83

5th Virtual 0

Total 83

6th Seated 84

6th Virtual 0

Total 84

7th Seated 74

7th Virtual 2

Total 76

8th Seated 102

8th Virtual 2

Total 104

Total Seated 343

Total Virtual 4

Total Students 347

November ADA 93.13%

Attendance August 25-November 30

5th = 96.23%

6th = 93.89%

7th = 92.66%

8th = 93.89%

August - November Overall ADA = 94.20%

School closed in observance of Winter Break

Our last day before Winter Break will be December 16. Forsyth School District will be closed, according to the district calendar, beginning Monday, December 19- Friday, December 30. We will reopen Monday, January 2 with a teacher in-service, and Tuesday, January 3 students will return. We wish your family a safe, joyous, and prosperous holiday season and new year.


All students in grades 5th through 8th will complete the second round of NWEA testing prior to December 16. NWEA data provides teachers with an insight into how students are progressing on state standards.

Study Island Blue Ribbons for Math & ELA for First Semester (August 23-December 7)

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Our middle school girls basketball A-team finished the season 10-5 & B-team finished 5-7. Their last basketball game was Thursday, December 8th.

Our middle school boy's basketball season has started. The A-team is 0-1 & the B-team is 0-1. Their next game is Friday, December 16 vs Skyline.

Second Quarter Grades

Second-quarter grades will be accepted through Friday, December 16 and grades will be imported on Monday, January 2nd. Grade cards will be sent home with students on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Teacher In-Service Agenda- January 2nd, 2023

7:35 - District-wide Meeting in the PAC

8:00 -11:00 Middle School Faculty Meeting in Mrs. Stehle's room (AMI/NSTA Conference Sharing/NWEA Data Analysis)

11:00-12:00 - Lunch

12:00-2:00 - Import Second Quarter Grades/Prep Time

2:00-3:00 - Curriculum Analysis and/or Continue Data Analysis

3:35 Dismiss

November Students of the Month

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Pictured Above: Reyse Kellerman, 5th Grade Student of the Month

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Pictured Above: Nevaeh Walton, 6th Grade Student of the Month

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Pictured Above: Ari DelCour, 7th Grade Student of the Month

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Pictured Above: Wyatt Cardinel, 8th Grade Student of the Month

November Positive Office Referrals Grade 5

Pictured below from left to right: Owen Russell, Samantha Haden, Lilyan Daniels, Aiden Marsa, Zoey Zellers, Abel Houseman, Chloe Marek, Suzi Bumgarner, Roman Patterson, Kaylin Raney, Mazzie Williams
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November Positive Office Referrals Grade 6

Pictured below from left to right: Payton Fontenot, Kenlee Skeek, Sophie Burnett, Isaac Puckett, Debbie Jordan, Kylyn Fry, Addie Russell, Lena Alfaro, Kipton Cooper, Daniel Hanley, Marleigh Long
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November Positive Office Referrals Grade 7

Pictured below from left to right: Mckenzie Smith, Hunter Harris, Darin Evans, Bella Eisenbarth, Austin Bradshaw, Alexis Aiuppy, Jaxon Williams, Ari Delcour, Isabelle Holmes, McKenzie Scott, Layla Ramsey, Harmonie Decker, Sibani Rivera, Brynlie Yarnell, Wyatt Miller, Jaxon Stoneburner, Zane Gashette, Frank Arnold, Cali Billingsly, Riley Gilbert
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November Positive Office Referrals Grade 8

Pictured below from left to right: Matthew Terry, Alex Scalla, Riley Burkhardt, Mariska McGerr, Jasmine Jordan, Caitlynn Reffitt, Cadence Gentry, Conner Phillips, Freedom Warrick, Finley Kreutziger
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Champions of Character

Central Bank is sponsoring the Character Champion program. The point of this program is to recognize area 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade students who demonstrate all of the character traits each and every day in our building. The following middle school students were selected as our Character champions:

4th Grade: Ryleigh Davidson

5th Grade: Ayana Allen

6th Grade: Sophie Burnett

Varsity Basketball Game 1/10/23 6:45-7 ish

Character Education Assembly 3/9/23 2:45-2:50 ish

STUCO Thanksgiving Food Drive

Thank you to everyone who participated in the canned food drive. We were able to provide the Forsyth community with 1,307 cans/ dry goods. This is amazing! All donations were dropped off at the CAM Food Pantry located here in Forsyth. They were extremely grateful for all the donations from our staff and students. Below you will find the winners announced by grade level.

5th grade: Storment

6th Grade: Bearden

7th Grade: Jones

8th Grade: Tanksley

Ice cream parties were given during 8th hour on Friday, December 2nd. All supplies and treats were provided by STUCO. Thank you again for all your help and support.

Below is a photo of a 'portion' of the food that was donated during our STUCO Thanksgiving drive.

Classroom Spotlight

Silk Road

After learning about the Silk Road during our ancient China unit in Mrs. Burkeen's class, students worked with partners to trade goods from their home cities with students from other cities on the Silk Road. They traveled following land and water trade routes and had to have appropriate modes of transportation. Students used their bartering skills with the goal of having the most goods, with items from a greater distance of their home city having more value.

Figurative Language Escape

Students in Mrs. Phipps class have been learning about figurative language and how to identify and use it appropriately. The culminating activity (Evidence of Learning) was a Figurative Language Escape Room that included 5 different stations. Students were able to work independently or with a partner. They all stayed focused, used their resources to help them solve puzzles, and were determined to ESCAPE.... and they did it! Our students are awesome! Congratulations to:

Kadan Shadden 1st Place

Kasen Corcoran 2nd Place

Bianca Murray 3rd Place

The Outsiders

Mrs. McConnell's 8th grade ELA class read the book, "Outsiders". The students completed The Outsiders Escape Room activity.

Judge Yarnell

Judge Yarnell came in to speak to Mr. James, 7th grade social studies classes about her job as a judge and how it relates to the bill of rights.
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Mrs. Mouchka's Social Studies Challenge

Fifth graders in Mrs. Mouchka's social studies classes participated in an escape room challenge. Students worked in groups to complete activities and solve problems that had to do with the First Thanksgiving. This activity really challenged the students to work as a group to accomplish a goal.

Mrs. Mickelson's Science Class

During the 2nd quarter of 5th grade Science, Mrs. Mickelson's 5th-grade students used their core square class as Science Lab class. We are finishing up our unit on Ecosystems and Ecology. We completed labs with owl pellet dissections, identifying different skulls of mammals in Missouri, and recording data about Missouri birds at the feeder. We also had a camouflage day on Friday, Dec, 2, 2022 after discussion of specialized structures. Our best-dressed camo winners were Erin Rogers, Roman Patterson, Andrew Norell and Chloe Merek.

Winter Wonderland Dance

The Middle School is having a Winter Wonderland dance on Thursday, December 15th, hosted by STUCO. The first dance is for 5th & 6th grade from 3:35-5:00 PM and the second dance is for 7th & 8th grade from 5:15- 6:45 PM.

Cheer Team Bonding

The Middle school cheer team created kindness boxes for one another to fill with compliments and words of kindness.
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The Middle School Office Team wanted to provide some Christmas spirit & cheer to our staff by the following:

Nov. 30 - "Donut" forget, only 12 days of Christmas

Dec. 1 - Mad About Plaid or Flannel (If participate may wear jeans)

Dec. 2 - Baked Potato Bar for Lunch

Dec. 6 - Sonic Drink

Dec. 7 - Tacky Christmas Sweater - (1st Place ($20 Fat Daddy Gift Certificate, 2nd Place $15 McDonald's Gift Certificate, & 3rd Place $5 Sonic Gift Card)

Dec. 8 - Potluck lunch (Ham & Tukey Provided)

Dec. 9 - Jeans Until January

Dec. 12 - Panther Treat Cart

Dec. 13 - Cocoa bar & Cinnamon Rolls

Dec. 14 - Treat Day

Dec. 15 - A Chance to Win the Lottery (1 Name drawn every hour for a scratch-off)

Dec. 16 - Poppin Friday (Popcorn)

Upcoming Dates & Information

12/9 - MS Choir Pre-Show Caroling for Frozen @ Owens Theatre

12/10 - Forsyth Christmas Parade

12/11 - Sixth Grade Christmas Concert

12/13 - BB vs Aurora

12/14 - Student of the Month Lunch

12/15 - CE Assembly

12/16 - Cents of Pride Shop

12/16 - BB vs Skyline

12/16 - End of Semester

1/2 - Import Quarter 2 Grades

1/2 - Teacher In-Service

1/3 - BB @ Reeds Spring

1/5 - BB vs Fair Grove

1/6 - BB @ Strafford

1/10 - Character of Champion Students Recognized @ HS Game

1/12 - BB @ Clever

1/13 - BB vs Joel E. Barber

1/13 - CE Assembly