Hello March!

Hoping to be LUCKY enough for some warm weather

Invite me to your next Girls Night Out! (or In)

I would love nothing more than to hang out with you and 10 of your closest friends and family for an evening or Sunday afternoon! It can be us in our yoga pants (my favorite attire) or we can put on our jeans and a fun shirt at our local yummy restaurant and treat ourselves....where ever you decide your friends will thank you for the good time and little package of love that arrives in 3-5 days! And just for Hosting you can choose from the cute cut-out geranium bag or the beautiful white stone Sutton necklace! Along with anywhere from $100-$300 in FREE jewelry and accessories!


Who wouldn't want to pack in our cute totes for your mini vacay? Host a show to get these gorgeous bags for FREE or half off! You will also earn enough Hostess Credits to get at least one of the Spring Must Haves! Contact me to reserve your date! DATES ARE LIMITED!!!


-Send me your Birthday (month and day) because S&D sends out Birthday gifts in your Birthday month!

-Use the link above to shop online...you don't have to wait for a party! Please make your wish list too and it will be saved in my computer in case anyone wants to know a great gift for you or when your items go on sale I will contact you!

-if you or anyone you know would be great at being a Stylist please let me know! I send out FREE BLING for referrals! I'm always looking to expand my team!