A major religion of our world.

Hindu symbols

a variety of hinduism symbols are used in art, sacred objects and ritual. they usually signify hindu concepts, the attributes of deities, or the gods or goddesses themselves.

Diffusion and origin

Hinduism originated in india, it is claimed to be the oldest religion also one of the there biggest. As of today hinduism is practiced in many countries like:

Bangladesh, sri Lanka, pakistan, the united states, great Britain, malaise, and trinidad.

The date hinduism is unknown so is the reason for its creation.


HIndus believe in one, all-pervasive supreme being.

Hindus believe in karma the law of cause and effect.

Hindus believe that all life is sacred and must be loved.

Hindus believe no one religion teaches the only way to salvation.

Hindus believe that the soul reincarnates evolving through many births until karma has been resolved.

Places of worship and leadership

Temples are dedicated to one god or goddess or to many.

Leaders are the gods and goddesses.

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