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Week of October 12th - 16th

Thank you to staff for my fantastic surprise birthday gift! I love the Wordle and the sword! You are the BEST staff a principal could ask for!

Congratulations to our own blushing bride, Maria Jimenez! Maria married her long-time love last weekend in a private ceremony in McAllen. I suppose she finally decided he was a keeper after 21 years! We wish them a life of happiness!

Best wishes to Sydney and her team at the Relay for Life this weekend! Please know we are all standing (or walking) with you in spirit in remembrance of your husband.

Teachers, Please be sure you are posting your lesson plans. Walk-through and appraisal season is here....not quite as much fun as pumpkin spice season, but here!

The PTA has begun taking wish list requests. The forms are available in the workroom.

Please join the PTA and encourage your parents to get involved. We currently have 65% staff participation....I know we will get to 100%! They do a great deal for us, let's show our support!

Coming soon:

Monday, Oct. 12th Conference Day

Tuesday, Oct. 13th Garbage the Grouch Presentation (4 year old classes)

Wednesday, Oct. 14th Latino Literacy (719)

Wednesday, Oct. 14th Team Leader @ 3:30 (Conf)

Thursday, Oct. 15th Garbage the Grouch Presentation (4 year old classes)

Thursday, Oct. 15th Mobile Classroom

Friday, Oct. 16th Vision Screening (MPR)

Upcoming October Birthday Girls:

Maria Jimenez 10/10

Alesia Malone 10/10

Sonia Galceran 10/18

Karina Montoya 10/19

Mayra Andaluz 10/25

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Have a great weekend!


Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

· Caroline, thank you for including Fabby and I on your welcome tree! It looks awesome! ~Lisa Duran

· Shout out to Ally and Bridgette for a timely behavior training! Honeymoon is over!

· Thanks to Desiree for sharing so much helpful medical information during our parent coffee on Tuesday, and thanks to Roxy for sending out the voice messenger. Attendance was great! I also appreciate Gaylon for responding right away to our technology “emergencies”. ~ Jan

· Emmer and Nikki, thanks for all you do for transportation and getting our students on their bus safely! It’s not a simple task, and your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! ~Sandra

· I’d like to brag about Janice Blake. She came into my room with no specialized training and has ROCKED it! Thank you so much, Janice; you’re the best!!! ~ Megan

· Thank you Elena for all the Facebook updates! Several parents have commented on how much they enjoy them!

· I also want to brag on Janaki Ramalingam. She, out of the kindness of her heart, came to support one of my afternoon friends during a transition. Not only has Janaki been a huge help (huge doesn’t cover it), but she’s so pleasant to work with! ~ Megan

· Thank you to the Tech Team for the new resources!

· I would like to brag on Dina for setting up the Lunch and Learn technology trainings because I am finding lots of new ways to utilize these Google products. ~ Jan

· Nikki A – For helping me be creative. ~Elena

· Janaki and Rachana- Thank you for labeling the new and replacement materials for RTI!~ Elena

· Jan and Roxie – Thank you for organizing the parent coffee meetings! My parents loved it!~ Elena

· Rhonda – Thank you for helping us organize what rooms to use for Parent Conferences. ~ Elena

· To Desiree for making a wonderful super helpful and informative presentation to our parents on Beaty’s monthly Parent Coffee. Thank you!!~ Roxy

· Jeanne, I love the books you selected for rotations! Thanks for being an awesome team player.~ Sandra

  • I want to thank Marta and Kaye for keeping me sane, keeping the classroom neat and organized, for all the things you do to help me and the kids in our class! You both are rockstars! - Coleen

· Emily, great job preparing and leading our first ARD of the year! You kept everything very professional, ARD friendly, and efficient! Awesome job!!~ Sandra

· Alex, your creativity really goes a long way! Thanks for brightening up our classroom and hallway! ~Sandra