The Bufflehead Bakery

Diving for baked goods? Dive down to Bufflehead Bakery

The Male Bufflehead (Bucephala albeola)

The male bufflehead has a large white patch that's located on the back of it's head, that helps form the its chest. For the rest of its head, it has a blackish color that is accented with hints of green and purple. The bill of the male bufflehead is light-bluish grey and his feet are a fleshly pink.

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What I have found out about my duck that I found interesting is the nesting. The reason why I chose nesting is because the female bufflehead can lay up to nine eggs! The eggs she lays on are buff colored eggs. Also the male doesn't help the female raise the young. The male will stay with his mate (the same one) for many years. After the eggs are hatched, the Buffleheads move to a lake to molt before they migrate. They nest near ponds, lakes, rivers, etc. The nests are either in a tree, or in a hole, where the female will lay her eggs and incubates the eggs until they hatch. The male will stand guard, over the female if he sees another male, he will chase the other male away from his female. It will take the eggs 30 days to hatch completely. So in conclusion, this is what I found interesting about how the Bufflehead nests.