April's Coffee by Organo Gold

Providing a Healthier and Wealthier Coffee and Teas

Attention Business owners: Do you own a restaurant, convenience store, coffee shop, public facility?

Boost your business revenue simply by providing a healthier coffee line for your customers! Organo Gold Coffee and tea products include 100% certified Ganoderma Extract. Purchase at wholesale price, You keep 100% of the retail profits! Earn from 50% - 500% by retailing Organo Gold products. Autoship available. Bonus Compensation program optional. Free website. Free consultation. I will provide to you a product sell sheet, product samples and profit margin, features and benefits, and proven sales record. Call April 804-201-6922 website www.aprilscoffee.com for a free consultation.

Coffee is the most consumed drink, next to water!

There’s over 500 million cups of coffee served every day in the US. People drink 3 to 5 cups a daily, and some people pay up to $4.00 per cup. Coffee is the most consumed drink, next to water. Coffee is the 2nd largest traded commodity in the world next to oil. I am a part of a group of people who are the first to bring a concept of healthier coffee to Virginia.  What we have done is created a system that is designed to capture 1% of the coffee industry. That represents about $125 million a month in coffee sales. We are actually going to do that over the next 3 years. What we have also done is partnered with the manufacturer who has agreed on a 50/50 split. They keep 50%, then they share 50% with us, our marketing team. That is a $62.5 million dollars per month over 3 years we are going to be splitting.  Based on this information, would you want to get more information on the coffee, opportunity, or both?  

Ganoderma Extract

Healthy and powerful benefits:    Balances the pH level of the body   Normalizes blood pressure    Normalizes cholesterol     Normalizes blood sugar     Aids in weight loss     Helps circulation            Fights free radicals with more antioxidants than orange juice    Supports the immune system    Detoxifies the body    Alleviates symptoms of seasonal allergies    Encourages more restful and deep sleep