The Pyrimids Of Giza

by: Lucy Thomas + hour 8

The Wonder of the Ancient World

The pyramids of Giza are the only wonders of the ancient world still standing. They were made of more than 2 million stone blocks, and it took 20 years to build. The pyramids were made under the rule of Khufu, in the old kingdom of Egypt. He had a vision and it turned out to be one of the most amazing wonders of the world.

How Were The Pyraimids Built

There are countless ideas or theories on how the pyramids were built. Some people say aliens gave the Egyptians knowledge and even powers to help the workers build the pyramids!

3 main theorys

Why Were the Pyramids Even Built?

The pyramids were built as great tombs for Egyptian pharaohs, or kings. The pyramids had pictures of food, weapons, tools, clay statues about 3 to 4 inches tall, bowls, furniture, jewelry, clothing, and even slaves! These items were necessary for the afterlife, or for the life in the 2 fields. This imaginary magical place was were Egyptians went after death, and it was hard getting there! First you had to have 3 things to get there. If you had those three things, you had to cross a lake of fire, fight off evil baboons, crocodiles and the evil monster Apophisr, a spirit condemned to guard the land of the two fields. The only things you had protecting you were amulets and clothing that were given to you by the priest.