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Monday, August 9, 2021


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Thank you!

Thank you so much for coming to Meet and Greet on Friday. It was so great to see everyone. We have missed all of you so much! For those of you that couldn't make it to Meet and Greet, we can't wait to see you Monday!
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First Day of School is Monday!

On Monday, the first day of the 21-22 school year, beginning at 8:35 AM, we invite our parents/guardians on campus to walk their students to their teacher where they will be lining up. At 8:50 we will ask our parents/guardians to leave campus so our students can begin the learning day. Beginning Tuesday, August 10, 2021, parents will not be allowed on campus at drop-off time, they will drop off students at the gates. We do this to provide the safest environment possible for our students.

At pick up time, 3:11 PM, parents will be allowed on campus to pick up students. If you have arranged a pick up spot with your child, for example at a specific gate, at Kiss 'N' Go, at the park, etc., or maybe they will be walking home, please make sure you have communicated that to your child's teacher.

Drop off and Pick up


Staton Elementary will offer a Kiss ’N’ Go program to give parents a safe option at drop off and pick up times. These areas were created to help us combat the high traffic congestion around the school.


Parents are encouraged to utilize either of our DROP OFF ZONES located in the front of the school in the main entrance off of Sageberry or on the side of the school on Falling Leaves Lane in the morning. The drop-off zones accept students between 8:35 a.m. - 8:50 a.m. Please wait until at least 8:35 a.m. before dropping off your children, as school supervision is not provided prior to this time. Please do not park in either of the Kiss’N’Go lanes prior to 8:35 to wait for drop off.


The staff at Staton strives to provide a safe environment for our children. Parents must come into the kindergarten playground to pick up their Pre-K and kindergarten children. Students in grades 1-5 are dismissed at their assigned number dot on the playground. Students may also be picked up at the Kiss’N’Go lane on Falling Leaves.

**PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE PARK OR SIGNAL TO YOUR CHILD TO CROSS THE STREET ALONE. A crosswalk is available for students to cross the street safely. The safety of our children is a priority.


  • Pull forward as far as possible.

  • Passing is not allowed.

  • Unload students from the passenger side only (volunteers will help with car seats).

  • Please do not leave your vehicle for any reason (staff members will be available to assist children).

  • Cell phone use is not permitted in the Kiss ’N’ Go Lane.

  • If a car is left unattended in the Kiss ’N’ Go Lane, your license plate number will be noted and you may be subject to towing.

  • Treat volunteers with kindness and courtesy. They are giving up their valuable time to help keep our children safe and make mornings and afternoons easier for everyone!!

  • Only people with handicap or Staton parking passes are allowed to park in the front parking lot.

** Please see the map below for directions. Thank you!

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Bus Riders

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If your student is riding the bus, we ask that the first time you will need them to ride home on the bus, they have rode the bus TO SCHOOL first. The reason is when they get to school and get off the bus, we will place a tag on their backpack to alert teachers and school staff that they are a bus rider. In the event that your student cannot ride the bus to school to get their bus tag but needs to ride it home, please send a written note so we know to get them a bus tag to go home on the bus.

Remember, the buses run on a schedule. Please be at your bus stop at the assigned time, a few minutes early is recommended. If a student is not at the bus stop when the bus arrives, the bus is not required to wait.

Anytime you need to alter how your student gets home, please send a written note in their backpack so we are aware of the change.

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You read that right! Staton Cheerleading is back! If you are in grades 3-5 and are interested in being on the Staton Cheer team, there will be a informational parent meeting on August 17th at 3:30 PM. On August 19th from 3:30-5:30 PM will be the tryout practice where they learn the tryout routine and then on August 21, (it's a Saturday) tryouts will be held beginning at 8 AM. The end time will depend on the number of students in grades 3-5 that try out. GOOD LUCK to all 3rd-5th grade boys and girls that try out. You've got this! If you have any questions about cheerleading, please feel free to email Mrs. McGuire at

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!

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