Library News

Ms. Thomas


The brand new MakerSpace has opened in the Elementary Library, it is a place for students to come create, tinker, imagine, and learn. Every month their will be new challenges in the space for students to explore. In the last two weeks I have seen so many creations including electric cars, popsicle bridges that hold weight, Lego creations, origami, and duct tape bracelets.

Please Help


We need your help. We're noticing an increase of water damage to library books due to students carrying books and water bottles together in the same book bag. While we can't expect students to carry separate bags, we're wondering if you could help us protect our library books by helping students put books and/or water bottles in a tied grocery bag before placing them together in the same book bag? Large zip-lock bags also work well for water bottles if you have them available. Books are costly and we'd rather not have to charge for replacements, so we appreciate your assistance in helping to prevent water damage.