Come to Our Event!

We would love your company at Auschwitz

This special day is coming soon!

Auschwitz is a wonderful camp for all ages! Can't wait for all of you Jews to join us here! We have three locations so your invite will work at which ever you choose!

You're invited to Auschwitz!

Tuesday, March 4th, 6:45am

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

No need to bring shoes, if you do we will take them and not give them back. Also leave all items aboard bus that brings you here.

We have a very tight schedule so read carefully.


Right when you arrive we will you up to the left will be women and children. To the right will be those who look strong and young men. Our workers will take your belongings that you left aboard and will be sorted into piles and periodically sent back to Germany. There are many things to at Auschwitz! you can visit the smelling gas chambers and get a number tattooed at registration.