Middle School

The Worst Year Of My Life, By: James Patterson, Also By Ivy


Friends and family are more important than just a dumb game.

Rafe at the end had stopped playing OPERATION Rafe, and would rather have time with family.

On his mom's birthday he forgot all about it and he did operation Rafe at school. His mom heard that he broke rules today and got into trouble. That made his mom very upset at him. Even on her birthday.

Rafe had stopped talking to his imaginary friend on his mom's birthday, so that she could not stress about that. "Leo" his name is and he helped Rafe with O.R (Operation Rafe.)

Figurative Language

"Get out of here!" I yelled at him. His mouth was hanging open, and his eyes were kind of blink, like he wasn't even there. (Sensory-Sight because it tells us what Bear looks like, his mouth was hanging open.)

Rafe calls Mrs. Donatello Dragon Lady. (This is a metaphor, it tells us that Rafe describes/ compares Mrs.Donatello to a Dragon.)

Rafe's mom started to cry all over again. On her birthday, I never felt like a bigger scum then I did right now. (Sensory- sight. It tells us how Rafe is feeling.)


"You've been playing by the rules ," Jeanne said, but she whispered it like we had this secret between us." (From this other character we can tell that Jeanne is noticing that Rafe is taking a break from game)

"Next I found some rocks, and made a cricle next to the water. Then I crumpled the report card all up in the middle of the circle, and lit it on fire. Once i t was done, it was just ashes. (The characters actions show us that he crumpled up the card and lit it on fire. And doesn't want anyone to know about his grades/report card.)


In this passage Rafe and his mom's boyfriend Bear get into a fight like they always do. His mom gets very upset at both of them. She wishes that they could just get along for once. This develops some of the important parts in the story because in the book they always fight and because of there fighting this is involved with the climax.