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Callanan Cougars

Greeting Callanan Families,

Happy October!

It was a pleasure seeing everyone at conferences Thursday. I hope the interaction with teachers provided you with greater insight into your child’s education. We want it to be the best! The first 25 days of school have been very positive, and I look forward to continuing that throughout the school year.

Please encourage your children to participate in after school clubs, activities, and sports. We know when children feel more connected to school they do better socially and academically and enjoy school much more.

Yesterday was National Custodial Day. I want to give Mr. Hieu and his team a big Callanan Shout out for all the behind the scenes work they do every day for the school.

October 11th at 7:00 in our library is our first PTA meeting of the year. Everyone is welcome!

Ryan Sharp


Picture Retake Day

Thursday October 27th is Picture Retake Day. 8:30 am to 10:45 am

yearly calendar and school hours

The doors to the building will open at 8:10 each day throughout the year. For the yearly student calendar, click on the following link:

Grade Level News

6th Grade Update

We are off to a great start in 6th grade so far this year! We are so impressed by our students that are showing our RISE core values on a daily basis!

Over the last few weeks in math students have been working on our Geometry unit. They have used strategies like decomposing, rearranging, enclosing, and formulas to help us calculate the area and surface area of two-dimensional shapes. Recently, students have discussed the attributes of three-dimensional shapes and comparing volume and surface area.

Coming up in math class students will move onto working with ratios. They will be using double number lines and tape diagrams to model ratios and equivalent ratios.

In global studies students are finishing up identifying the eight elements of culture. They had the opportunity to identify these eight elements in their own culture as well as other cultures of students around the world. We also examined identities and how culture impacts our perspectives, actions, and social groups we belong to.

Coming up in Global Studies, students will be moving onto a unit about geography where they examine features of maps and work together to interpret the meanings of different kinds of maps.

Students have also been acting like scientists as they investigate and learn how a one-way mirror works. Students started the unit by watching an interesting video showing a man playing a guitar. The man could see his own reflection in the mirror. On the other side of the mirror a teacher watched the man play guitar. The man could not see the teacher. Students have been modeling this experience and trying to make sense of what is going on. Students developed questions to investigate and experimented with mirrors based on their questions. Students continue to learn how the one-way mirror works.

Developing habits of character in our classroom and identifying them in characters in our literature book The Lightening Thief is something we are working on every day in Language Arts! Analyzing how an author introduces and develops the point of view of complex characters and learning various strategies for understanding vocabulary in context have also been standards we are focusing on in our language arts classes. We are practicing norms for discussions as we use Socratic circles to discuss the novel we are reading. We will be moving on to comparing and contrasting how different authors present similar themes in complex texts.

Hello! Here's what the 7th graders have been up to....

Seventh grade is off to a fantastic start for the class of 2028. Students are eagerly participating in volleyball, cross country, drama, music, HyperStream, and a variety of other clubs and groups.

Academically, they are studying proportional relationships and reading tables and graphs (math); learning about the human digestive system (science); exploring the evolution of human rights since WWII (global studies); and practicing analytical reading and thinking (language arts).

The eighth graders have worked hard adjusting to more challenging expectations. In math class, we recently finished the first unit about Rigid Transformation and Congruence. We learned about translation, rotations, and reflections, and how to distinguish between the movements.

While in history class, the students are learning the effects of pre-colonial migrations. More specifically, the effect of European migration on Native Americans, the effect of enslavement on African people, as well as migration's impact on women.

In language arts, we are finishing the book, Summer of the Mariposas, which is a magical Mexican American retelling of The Odyssey, as well as a celebration of sisterhood and maternal love.

Finally, in science class, the eighth graders have been learning about Newton's three laws of motion through various exploratory activities.

Fine and Applied Arts class news

In the Art room, the room where it (creativity) happens, students have just completed using a single vanishing point to create an Op-Art composition with pattern to create visual movement, and their choice of color scheme for unity of design.

We have begun utilizing vanishing points to create cityscapes. Students are choosing one-point perspective, or two-point perspectives, to design a surrealistic city; many are drawing their buildings to resemble candy or snack foods.

Students have also started learning how to respond to art using the elements and principles of design, as well as the creative process of brainstorming, planning, creating, and reflecting.

Meet your CMS School Counselors!

Deb Isenhart

Caseload: Student last name A-K

Jordan Villhauer

Caseload: Student last name L-Z


  • 8th Graders will be taking a tour to visit Central Campus on November 1st and 3rd
  • Following these visits, counselors will be visiting 8th grade Business Technology classes to complete interest surveys and start discussions around high school graduation requirements and course requests. More information will be sent out to students and families next month.
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Download the Here Comes the Bus app to your phone, tablet or computer for up-to-the-minute information on the location of your child's bus. Click HERE for details.


Our two building substitutes, Casey Randles and Jeremy Jahn will be teaching Spanish in the short term as we work to hire a new Spanish teacher. Both teachers have been doing a phenomenal job in their new roles.


Our mission here at Callanan Middle School is to Break Barriers and Build Futures. Our core values are Responsible, Involved, Safe and Empathetic (RISE).