Class Structure

Growth of the middle class

Historical Background

During the industrial revolution in the 18th-19th centuries the middle class and the upper class started to rise up. Many people valued the wealth they had at the time cause they where making a lot of money because of the machines that people built to do there work

How our topic was used in Industrial Revolution

Since our topic was "Class Structure - Growth of the middle class", This topic would be used to describe the people at the time. The wealthy people got richer and the poor got even more poor

How Great Britain was impacted by the Industrial Revolution


During this impact certain people where able to maintain a job and become successful out of it, and some where not and stayed how there are for a long period of time


During the 18th and 19th centuries people made the industrial machines, with this machines people moved from small houses to big factories to create more product. with this process it made people wealthy cause they where making a lot of supplies in a day


Nations became world powers and influenced the world in the decision the made. Nations also became wealthier because of the mass product the industrial machines where making

How the World was impacted by Industrial Revolution


Peoples live change a lot and became much harder for the poor to get a job. there was also a high unemployment rate because the industrial machines where taking over. but the middle class had a good impact cause they became much richer cause the machines where able to create products much faster than people would in a day


Economically Nations became wealthier and where able to provide some people with help


With all that money industrial factories where making for the owners , The Government were able to get taxes from them. the taxes where in huge amount so it gave the Government a lot of money over every week , with that money there able to conquer a high power in their spot and expand their countries

The Modern Day counter part

the industrial revolution had a big impact on us today cause now-a-days theirs a big population of middle class and also a big population in industrial factories that are now more advanced that make 1M products in 2 hours