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SPS Professional School Nurses (PSN) Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide valuable information to all the SPS school nurses. Since our group has grown and changed so much, it is difficult to keep up with all the wonderful things the nurses are doing in their schools. The newsletter will provide history, links, programs that are available and highlight a nurse that is doing something great in her school. Sharing what others are doing can spark another nurse to implement something new in her school.

The Beginning of School Nursing

It is important to recognize our beginning and to credit those that paved the way for our profession and role in the school setting. 2 nurses that are credited with getting nurses into schools are Lillian Wald and Lina Rogers.

Important Links:

In the Spotlight- Ann Vincel

Ann Vincel is the nurse for Schools of Choice. Ann's job is quite different than those working in one building. Ann is the nurse for the following programs;

Mondays- WOLF (Wonders of the Ozarks Learning Facility, located at Bass Pro Shop, for 5th grade only.

Tuesdays-AOE (Academy of Exploration), located at the Discovery Center for 5th grade.

Wednesdays- HSA (Health Sciences Academy) located at Mercy for 8th graders.

Thursdays-WINGS (Working with the Individual Needs of Gifted Students), located at Phelps school for 1st-8th grade.

In addition to the above programs, Ann is on call for the 3 G.O. C.A.P.S. (Greater Ozarks Centers for Advanced Professional Studies) programs, located at Cox North, SRC (Springfield Re-manufacturing) and E-Factory through MSU. Ann is on call for all of the School of Choice programs. This means she may visit several sites per day.

She oversees Immunizations, Chronic Health Conditions, Medications, Flu Clinics, field trips, scoliosis screenings and Health Fairs for all sites. The students in the HSA programs must have Tb skin tests and flu shots, per hospital policy.

Needless to say good organizational skills are a must for this job. Two challenges are preparing for numerous field trips, on average 2 per week at each site, and obtaining all immunizations for G.O. C.A.P.S., which pulls students from 10 different school districts.

Ann organizes this with laptop, 3 ring binders for each program. She must have access to a printer at every location. She has a "rolling office" to travel with her to each site.

To prepare for each site she has the following; 18 Epi-pens, 12 Epi-pen Jr's, 18 Benedryls, 13 1st aid bags, 10 medication and diabetes books and 19 staff information books.

Ann enjoys the educational part of teaching the students.

At WOLF she has presented Emergency Preparedness, 1st Aid, Wilderness 1st Aid and hands-on mock emergency scenarios. At AOE she has taught Emergency Preparedness, Communicable Diseases, Past and Present and The Science and Safety of Cooking.

For HSA she has taught, Communicable Diseases 101, including culturing the classroom, plating the cultures and identifying what grows, and of course Emergency Preparedness.

Ann may also have to meet with 2 principals, Mercy Liaison and staff, Discovery Center Director and staff, WOLF Director, community meetings and frequent meetings with Chamber of Commerce Administrative Coordinator for GO CAPS Program.

Ann says when teaching "get ready to watch the light bulbs pop on when talking with the Kids. It is amazing and truly the best part of all!"

She has to be open to what the day might throw at her but loves being with the great kids and staff that make these programs successful.

Thank You Ann for your passion and a job well done!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Enjoy your extended break this year to take time to care for yourself.