Jake and Lily

Jerry Spinelli

About the book

There are two main characters in the book, Jake and Lily. They are twins and Jake always makes the excuse "I'm older". Twins always do that to each other so they get what they want. This is a realistic fiction book that I wish was a series because every chapter leaves you wanting more. This is a critic review that I wanted you to see. "Jake and Lily" have strong, distinct personalities that come across clearly on the page, and the story of their magical twin bond will intrigue many readers.

A Little Bit More Information

One of the main things in the book is that Jake ditches Lily to go hangout with other friends that he had just met and Lily doesn't like that. There is a quote in the book that Jake said "Oh look, there's Jake and Lily. They are seventy nine years old and they still play poker and ride bikes together. They still hear each other from five miles away. You can't tear them apart. Aren't they adorable. Twinny-twin twins."
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If you are ready to go on the journey with Jake and Lily then check out the book today!