Visible Light

By Cody Carroll and Nolan Haag


  • Visible light is the shortest of the EM spectrum, and is the only part that you can see.
  • White light is a mixture of all colors.
  • Without white light, we could not see different colors.
  • When light enters a prism, it is split into all colors.
  • Each color of that is a pure color and cannot be broken any further
  • To see different color objects, the object my reflect certain colors
  • Black absorbs all colors
  • White reflects all colors
  • Black objects are usually hotter than white objects.


Visible light is located on the Electromagnetic Spectrum between Infrared light and Ultraviolet Light.
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Fun Facts

  • Chemicals and fruits reflect and absorb different wavelengths of light
  • Smoke is put into the air at parties so that the light has something to bounce off of.
  • Prolonged exposure to bright light could blind you.


  • Without light we couldn't distinguish between poiseness fruits and other materials.
  • Without light we could not see one another and everyone would be blind.
  • Communication would be very hard.
  • Mrs. Ward would get to drink her coffee.

Discovering Light

In the 13th century, Roger Bacon thought that rainbows were created by passing white light though clear objects. In the 17th century, Issac Newton discovered that his theories were true by using prisms.
The Light Spectrum


Where did the rainbow go when he broke a law? to prism

What happed to the man that looked at his phone screen for to long? His eyes started to dialate.