Universal Design for Learner Lesson

How to take your lesson plans and making them UDL friendly!

What is Universal Design?

The strategy of Universal Design for Learners is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn. To achieve equal opportunities, UDL acts as an intersection where all our initiatives, integrated units, multi-sensory teaching, multiple intelligences, differentiated instruction, use of computers in schools, performance-based assessment, and others come together.

How Can We Make Lessons UDL Friendly?

The materials and methods teachers use can either present students with barriers to understanding or enhance their opportunities to learn. By developing and applying UDL, we can minimize barriers and realize the promise each student brings to school. Some things to keep in mind when creating a UDL friendly lesson:

  • Think how you could vary the presentation of the content to reach all learners.
  • Think how you could vary the way that students will learn the content.
  • Think how can you could vary the ways that students will express what they know.
  • Also keep in mind what activities engage your students, what their learning profiles are and what prior knowledge to the students have.


Technology is a great tool to use when it comes to differentiating instruction to meet the needs of every student in every lesson. Every student learns in different ways and at different speeds. With the help of technology teachers are able to conduct lessons at a pace that is appropriate for each student’s learning ability. Technology enables the teacher to alter how content is delivered and received, provide interactive activities to support lessons, and provide an alternate tool for students to use when students create products of what they have learned. Examples of technology resources:
  • abcya.com
  • prezi.com
  • starfall.com
  • morestarfall.com
  • smartboard notebook
  • wiggleworks
  • shepardsoftware.com
There are hundreds of great programs out there! Take the time to find them! Your students will benefit tremendously from appropriate, effective and engaging programs.

Original Lesson

Lets take a look at a Lesson Plan that is not UDL friendly. Lets discuss what is wrong with the lesson and why it is not UDL friendly.


New Lesson Plan

After our discussion lets take a look at a revised version of the lesson. Now, lets discuss why this lesson is UDL friendly.


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