Gregor Mendel

One of the first people to ever study genetics.

Early Years

He was a gifted child in school and his teachers liked him. Gregor was very good in science and mathematics. Growing up though his parents were poor farmers. In college Mendel couldn't pass the teaching exams.

Experimental Design

He used pea plants to figure more out about heredity.

  • Hybrid is a mixture of different characteristics or traits inherited from both parents.
  • Mendel crossed a long stem pea plant and a short stem pea plant for the experiment.


  • When he crossed yellow and green pea plants they were all yellow.
  • 6,022 pea plants were yellow the other 2,001 were green, there were 8,023 pea plants total.
  • About 3/4 were one type and the other 1/4 were another.
This data tells what happened when Gregor crossed a short stem and a long stem pea plant.


Mendel's ideas went unread for 35 years but once the scientists read them they started replicating it.


Gregor Mendel has set a great foundation for the world of genetics. Because of his work other people can find out more stuff about genetics using the stuff he's already figured out.


Dominant- Gene that will overpower another gene.

Example- One parent has blue eyes and one has brown so you got brown.

Recessive- Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene.

Example- Parents have dimples but you don't

Codominant- Gene that is neither dominant or recessive (both would show up).

Example- One parent has green eyes and one has brown so you get hazel eyes.