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Kingsway Regional High School: Spring/Summer 2019

Congratulations S.T.E.M. Class of 2019!

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Dear S.T.E.M. Class of 2019,

As you look back on your years at Kingsway, it is my hope that you do so with fondness for all your experiences – those that were fun and those that were challenging – knowing each experience you encountered was one that brought you successfully to this final year of your K-12 journey.

Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steve Covey, said, “Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition - such as lifting weights - we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity."

As part of the Academy Programs at Kingsway, each of you chose to take on a rigorous schedule that, at times, forced you outside your comfort zone and challenged you beyond your norm. For this, I say, “Congratulations!” Congratulations for having the fortitude to set extraordinary goals, for challenging yourself through them, and for using mistakes along the way as learning opportunities to grow.

When you step off Kingsway’s campus in a few short days and leave your years as a Dragon behind, know that this is not the end but rather the start of an opportunity. I encourage all of you to continue to have the courage to step outside your comfort zone, to embrace opportunities that may cause you to fall so you rise stronger, to stand tall in challenging times and to continue to grow your character.

Cheers to a job well done, and good luck in the next phase of your journey!

Mrs. Calandro

Chief Academic Officer

S.T.E.M. Class of 2019 - Colleges and Majors

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Business Leadership Academy News

BLA Cohort 1 Kicks Off a Special Agreement with Rowan University

The Class of 2020 jumpstarts our first year of the Business Leadership Academy's special agreement with Rowan University.

This agreement allows our rising seniors to take regularly scheduled college courses at the Rowan University campus or online with a heavily discounted tuition rate. Currently, the all-inclusive tuition rate is $200 per credit.

Students are eligible to sign-up for any of the courses offered by Rowan University where either there are no prerequisites or students meet the prerequisites requirements. Ms. Cassidy, our Guidance Counselor, coordinates the admissions process under this special agreement.

Good luck to those participating. We can't wait to hear all about college life as a high school senior!

BLA Students Go to Nationals!

Kingsway Business Leadership Academy students joined by over 22,000 others representing 33 states and provinces, immersed themselves in competition, professional development and networking opportunities in Orlando, Florida.

Students had the opportunity to attend workshops focused on specific career paths and industry trends, facilitated by leading business experts. Kingsway's Delegation included Brooke Ferguson, Kevin Gorman, Anastasia Manes, Riley Martin, Evan Miles, and Chris Nelson.

A big note of congratulations to Anastasia Manes for being the first-ever Kingsway student to qualify & compete at ICDC on an individual level.

A special note of thanks to BLA supervisor, Balvir Singh, and DECA Advisor, Ms. Patricia Conn, for supporting our kids through the trip!

BLA Students Continue their Learning into the Summer

Rising BLA junior and senior cohorts of the BLA program will be engaging in their summer experiences in just a few weeks. Details about these are below.

The junior BLA Summer Seminar will engage students by placing them in collaborative problem-solving experiences; participating in activities that strengthen cohort partnerships, leadership acumen, and business principles: meet and learn from a wide variety of business executives across the community, and learn alongside faculty members from Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business.

  • Dates: Monday, July 15th - Friday, July 19th

The rising senior BLA Summer Seminar II will be attending Rowan University's Think Like an Entrepreneur program this summer. Students will engage for two weeks in learning the preliminary ins and outs of starting their own business. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to apply for three credits toward their admission into the Rowan University.

  • Dates: July 8th - 19th, Monday - Thursday, 9 AM - 3:00 PM

BLA Field Trip Recap for 2019

BLA Field Trips

  • Phillies Organization @ Citizens Bank Park
  • Wegmans @ Mount Laurel
  • Wawa Headquarters @ West Chester, PA
  • Villanova School of Business @ Malvern, PA
  • Virtua @ Marlton, N.J.

If anyone is interested, or knows anyone interested in hosting our S.T.E.M. or BLA Academy students for a field trip, please direct them to this link so that we may follow up and see how we may be able to partner with them!

S.T.E.M. Academy News

S.T.E.M. Service Learning Presentations

At the May 23rd board of education meeting, S.T.E.M. Academy students presented their service learning projects to members of the board as well as those who had attended the meeting.

Student were able to not only showcase what they had done for the community but also their passions for their projects. A few examples of such works are the Historical Kiosk that will be present in Swedesboro, a self-grown garden in which food was donated to a local food bank, and a hydroponics herb garden that was developed, and much more.

Student reflections of their projects and experiences were overwhelmingly positive, and they look forward to continuing their projects in the upcoming years!

S.T.E.M. Students attend TechTogether Boston 2019!

Two STEM Academy students (and sisters), Anjana and Bhavana Chamarthi, participated this spring in Boston's Largest All-Female & Femme Non-binary Hackathon called TechTogether Boston 2019!

The goal of this hackathon is to create an inclusive environment to encourage more underrepresented people to either be introduced to the world of technology or harness their skills to create projects of their own. With the support of the technology community, industry, and individuals, they strive to chip away at the gender gap and empower anyone from someone with a non-technical major with an interest in tech to seasoned hackathon veterans looking to build out a complicated, groundbreaking product with a little extra support.

Anjana and Bhavana placed first at this hackathon by creating a website that focused on the current political climate. They created this site to combat fake news while also getting young voters to come to the polls. They created a website that uses the LeapMotion Sensor/Python API to create a tinder style swipe with each candidate. After showing each political agenda, one can swipe left or right depending on if they agree with the policies or not. At the end, a list of whom you agree with is shown! Learn more about the hackathon below!.

Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine

On May 16th, twenty of our upperclassmen students visited Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM).

During the experience, Kingsway Dragons were partnered up with PCOM student in medical school and the admissions department. Academy students were given tours of the facility in which they were able to participate in simulated activities using the same technology utilized in surgeries to make procedures less invasive.

Students were provided a tour of the anatomy lab where they were able to see dissected cadavers and medical anomalies first hand. They also learned more about the different career paths available at PCOM such as forensics, physician assistant, medical technologist, as well as what is the difference between a Medical Doctor (M.D) and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O)

Visit to Colgate-Palmolive Headquarters

On May 3, 2019 our sophomore students visited Colgate-Palmolive headquarters in Piscataway, NJ.

Students experienced a plethora of hands-on activities, which were an application of current science and math courses. For example, there was toothpaste making, soft-soap making, and fragrances. Tours of the facility were given and students were able to converse with a vast group of professionals from environmental chemists, engineers (mechanical, chemical, biochemical), industrial designers and discuss the job descriptions and well as what qualifications are necessary.

A big shout out to High School teacher, Mr. Syed, for helping to organize the event for our kids!

Rowan University

This year, our freshman S.T.E.M. students visited the Center for Research and Education in Advanced Transportation Engineering Systems (C.R.E.A.T.E.s).

The mission of C.R.E.A.T.E.s is to conduct cutting edge, applied, and readily implementable research in transportation engineering. They seek to ensure a diverse working environment that educates and trains the next generation of professionals, and enhances the skill sets of the current workforce that can meet the engineering demands of the 21st century.

Students were able to test pavement samples, mix up asphalt samples as well as take core soil samples. They were also shown how data was analyzed to give reports to clients such as the Department of Transportation. The economics of the road paving also was discussed. Students were provided a tour of the Rowan University campus paired with some student ambassadors who were able to discuss programs that they were currently pursuing as well as the application process.

In Other BLA & S.T.E.M. News

Engaging in a Summer Experience? Tell Us More!


Many of you continue your learning & community impact through involvements during the summer months in learning expansion programs, community service, competitive events, etc. We would like to hear more about it!

If interested in sharing the experience and what you learned during the experience, please complete the link below so that we can include these experiences in our fall 2019 Academy Newsletter! You can email any pictures of the experience to Ms. Calandro at

Link to report on experience:

Honors Academy Capstone Summer Assignment (Rising Seniors)

In this summer assignment, each student will work to identify a minimum of three (3) possible topics of research. Topics should focus on an area of need within the “community.” A community can be defined as a particular field of study (i.e. STEM, marketing, advertising, etc.), the local community (i.e. surrounding towns, counties, state, etc.), or the smaller community (i.e. advocacy groups, non-profits, Kingsway, etc.).

Part 1: Go to Google Classroom and join the Honors Academy Capstone class using this code: u8sc7ty and review the resources posted to assist you on how to formulate your research question.

Part 2: Investigate 3 Topics by analyzing and synthesizing multiple means of resources. (instructions in Google Classroom)

Part 3: Construct a Summation of Concepts found upon each of the three topics and submit at least 3 Research Questions (instructions in Google Classroom)

All summer assignments for the high school can be found at the following link:

Academy Program Adjustments for 19-20

Throughout the year, we listened to feedback and conducted a survey so that we can continue to improve our students' Academy experiences. Thank you, students, parents, and Academy Steering Committee members for your valuable feedback.

A few noted points of clarity/interest/adjustment are below as we move into the 19-20 school year:

1) Service Learning:

  • Freshman Service Learning Project for BLA and S.T.E.M.: To clarify, the S.T.E.A.M. Night project is a mandatory service learning event for all Academy Freshmen, so all students are required to participate in the preparation as well as the event itself. Students will prepare for the event in their Academy specific Seminar during grade 9.
  • BLA 10th and 11th grade students will align their service learning experience closely with the process that current S.T.E.M. students, allowing students to propose and complete a service learning project of their choice. This will be explained in detail during the month of September in their classes. Service learning for grade 9 occurs through the seminar classes and service learning for grade 12 occurs during the Honors Capstone course.
  • Optional Periodic Service Learning "check-ins" will take place during SMART for those students who may need additional guidance and support throughout the year. Two mandatory check-ins will also occur during this time to make sure students are on track.

2) Professional Attire for BLA:

  • We will adjust requirements for BLA dress as we go into next year. Rather than specific times during the moth, BLA students will be expected to dress in professional business attire using DECA guidelines and/or BLA shirts only when required by their business teachers (classroom project presentations) and on occasions when representing the BLA (BLA events, field trips, etc.).

3) S.T.E.M. Polos:

  • All S.T.E.M. students will receive a polo during the fall to wear during team events and other times as requested.

For additional information about our Academy Programs, please visit our Academy Guide:

Second Annual S.T.E.A.M. Night - Freshman Academy Service Learning.


On May 3, 2019 our Academy freshmen facilitated Kingsway's second annual S.T.E.A.M. night at the high school.

Throughout the year, S.T.E.M. and BLA freshman Academy students worked to organize and create a fun and educational night for local elementary-aged students as their service learning project. S.T.E.M. students designed S.T.E.A.M. related activities that required them to learn something new in the filed of S.T.E.A.M. and then be able to break it down for students from grades K-5. Students did an excellent job. Some of the stations were coding a robot, nutrition, and architectural design just to name a few.

We are so proud of our students and cannot wait to see what they come up with next year!

Interested in Partnering with Kingsway?

Kingsway Regional School District values partnering with our community and institutions to expand our students' experiences.

If you are interested in hosting our students for a field trip and/or would like to volunteer as a guest speaker, please complete the form below and someone will be in contact with you to discuss the possibly further.

PLEASE COMPLETE FORM if interested in hosting students or being a guest speaker.

Thank you again and we look forward to discussing further.

Academy Graduates/Alumni: We want to hear all about your success!

Academy Graduates/Alumni,

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