What is it? How is it contracted? How is it treated?

What is it?

Garnerella is the most common cause of abnormal vaginal odor and discharge. It is caused by a change in the type of bacteria found in the vagina. Normally, bacteria belonging mostly to the Lactobacillus family live harmlessly in the vagina and produce chemicals that keep the vagina mildly acidic. In bacterial vaginosis, Lactobacillus bacteria are replaced by other types of bacteria that normally are present in smaller concentrations in the vagina.

Causes of Gardnerella

Gardnerella occurs due to bacterial infection of the genital tract in women. It usually results from infection caused by bacteria of Vaginalis Gardnerella genus along with various types of anaerobic bacteria.

Causes are things like:

Antibiotics: broad-spectrum antibiotics sometimes give rise to side effects such as destruction of healthy bacteria around the vagina. This makes vagina susceptible to harmful bacterial infections and Gardnerella growth.

Tampons: While Tampon usage is generally safe, constant use of them on the vagina can cause irritation. The vagina can also be dry thus becoming vulnerable to bacterial infections.

Contraceptives: Use of Contraceptives like Contraceptive Sponges, Diaphragms and Intrauterine devices (IUD) as also Vaginal Douching can disturb the balance of healthy bacteria residing inside the vagina making it susceptible to harmful bacteria attacks.

Sexual Intercourse: Though sexual activity has not been directly proved to be a cause of Gardnerella infection, it is suspected to be an underlying factor. This is because the condition is reported in women with multiple partners. A new sexual partner and presence of other sexually-transmitted diseases are also seen as causes of Gardnerella. However, the condition is also seen in virgins or women who have never had sex before.

How to Treat

Despite its symptoms and complications, Gardnerella can be quite easy to treat. Once the Gardnerella infection has been diagnosed, it can be treated by various methods. Oral consumption of Metrodinazole for up to 7 days can be effective for both teenagers and adults. Medical researchers can advise the sexual partners of the woman to follow the same Gardnerella medical cure. Gardnerella Flagyl treatment will help them avoid the risk of infection. It will also help prevent a recurrence of Gardnerella in women.
Big image

Captured above is Gardnerella on some vaginal cells

Microscopic picture of vaginal epithelial clue cells coated with Gardnerella. The small black dots are the Gardnerella.