Wood Buffalo National Park

By Ethan Albright



The Wood buffalo National Park is the biggest spot for bison rome in the grasses. This National park is located providence Alberta in Canada. The Wood Buffalo National Park is also the largest national park in North America and the second largest in the world.

Physical features

This Park has the salt plains the basically covers the whole National Park. The park also has underground streams, sinkholes and saline streams.. The park contains one of the world's largest fresh water deltas.


The only Wide life that suites this climate is the roaming buffalo and the gracious whooping cranes, bears and different kinds of snakes. This park has one of the largest free-roaming bison herds in the world.


The vegetation in the Wood Buffalo National Park are prairie grasses, marshes, different types of prairie trees and more.

Tourist facilities

You can do so much at this national park. You can stare at the beauty of Canada and get a rush at looking at the amazing animals of this amazing national park.