February 25, Vol. 1, No. 24

The Dearborn STEM Academy is a grades 6-12 Boston Public School supported by the Boston Plan for Excellence.

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Welcome to the Dearborn!

Welcome back!

We find ourselves moving quickly through the third quarter and we will be entering the testing season soon. Later on in the newsletter I have included the MCAS Schedule for all students in grades 6-10. Please take some time to review it and discuss with your child. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Our focus remains the same as we come back to school after a vacation; come into school every day and work hard. Attendance matters and effort matters.

The Dearborn is full of opportunities and support. Please contact us to find out more!

Look who made Honor Roll at the Dearborn!

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English Language Learners news...

Family ESL Class Survey

Dearborn STEM Academy will give a free English class in March of 2019. We are collecting information from families who are interested in taking the class. Please complete the google form below.

Nu sta ta ben oferesi klasi di Inglês di grasa pa pais e enkaregadus di edukasôn di alunus. Aula ta kumesa na Marsu di 2019. Si bu kre prendi inglês dipos di skola ku nos, pur favor, prenxi.

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In celebration of Black History Month our Dearborn STEM Academy 9th graders explored and learned about the contributions that have been made by people of African descent to the development of American history, society, culture and academia. The work was facilitated in Ms. Spencer’s US History classes.

In this project, students built upon some the following skill sets:

  • Conduct research on an African or African American person who has shaped American history throughout the 18th-21st Century.

  • Create a historically accurate presentation that includes primary and secondary sources.

  • Present findings orally to their peers.

  • Celebrate Afro-culture and have fun exploring.

On February 14, 2019 students shared their work with students and staff of the Dearborn STEM Academy community. Here are some of the unsolicited comments from DSA staff about the student work:

“I'm not sure I've ever seen my kids more enthusiastic about a project!!! They were such perfectionists and so proud of themselves. This was amazing!”

“Not to clog everyone’s inbox- but want to keep the love going for Ms. Spencer. It was clear that all the work you did hand selecting different people for each student to study based on students’ interests and personalities allowed each student to feel like an expert in their realm. The stories I heard about what they learned and how they were personally inspired were really amazing!”

“HUGE shoutout to Ms. Spencer for putting on an AWESOME exposition!!! The 9th graders really did their research and were very prepared for questioning. They dropped some serious knowledge! Way to go.”

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Congratulations to our 2nd Quarter Got Grit-Solid as a Rock winners

Dearborn STEM Academy Grit nominees show:

  • Determination

  • Self-confidence

  • Perseverance

  • Bravery

  • Tenacity

  • Fortitude

  • Courage

In addition to using some or all of the above as criteria please consider students who have shown improvement, overcome obstacles, display a positive attitude, and display adaptability in navigating through life.

Additionally there is a recognition category titled “Solid as a Rock”, aimed at identifying students who may be “off of our radar”, but who should be on it for all of the right reasons.

Dearborn STEM Academy Solid as a Rock students display one or more of the following:

  • Show effort in class.

  • Are helpful to classmates and adults.

  • Accepting.

  • Think of others first.

  • Excellent attendance.

  • Little or no behavior issues.

  • Always turn their work in and on time.

  • Are respectful.

Got Grit:

  • Ruman Mohamed

  • Jarianis Miranda Rodriguez

  • Alex Sequeira

  • João Fernandes Da Silveira

  • Jayden Santana

  • Najja Cunningham

  • Alexsandro Tavares De Barros

  • Valerie Ortiz

  • Daysi Rosario Frias

  • Neveah Phifer

  • Brian Tatis Cruz

  • Eric Barbosa

  • Aline Teixeira Depina

  • Shakara Carnes

  • Mauro Fernandes

  • Edward Graustuck

  • Lidiane Monteiro

Solid as a Rock

  • Rosane Cardoso Alves

  • Javian Pizarro

  • Johanna Brown

  • Oraine Silva Horta

  • Aline Teixeira

  • Paulina Gomes Teixeira Ramos

  • Darrick Owens

  • Carlos Barbosa Miranda

  • Anais Brito

  • Miguel Goncalves Tavares

  • Jared Costly Chong

  • Manuel Rodrigues

  • Joelma Goncalves Brito

  • Kyara Lee

  • Jomar Lopezcernuda

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February Acceleration Academy Update

Almost 40 students took part in last week's Acceleration Academy. Members of the Dearborn staff were joined by City Year staffers; they provided a rigorous, supportive academic and enrichment experience for our students. Dean David Moreno took the lead role in organizing the program. Teachers and support staff included Mr. Andrade, Mr. Barros, Ms. Domercant, Ms. Exantus, Ms. Lippo, Ms. O'Garro, and Mr. Stephenson. Officer Mac was there as well!
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City Year staff work with DSA students during February Acceleration Academy.

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MIDDLE SCHOOL Basketball is here!

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  • February 25, Boys and Girls Basketball at the Dearborn, Girls at 3:30 pm, Boys at 4:30 pm

  • February 28, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at the King School, Girls at 4:00 pm, Boys at 5:00 pm

  • March 5, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at the Higginson-Lewis, Girls at 4:00 pm, Boys at 5:00 pm

  • March 7, Boys and Girls Basketball at the Dearborn, Girls at 3:30, Boys at 4:30 pm

  • March 12, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at the Dearborn, Girls at 3:30 pm, Boys at 4:30 pm

  • March 19, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at the Dearborn, Girls at 3:30 pm, Boys at 4:30 pm

  • March 22, Dearborn Boys and Basketball at the Frederick, Girls at 4:00 pm, Boys at 5:00 pm

  • March 25, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at the Dearborn, Girls at 3:30 pm, Boys at 4:00 pm

  • March 27, Dearborn Boys and Girls Basketball at Orchard Garden, Girls at 4:00 pm, Boys at 5:00 pm
Our Anatomy and Physiology students met with some staff and surgeons from Brigham and Women's Hospital. Among other things they talked about student interests after high school and how a mentoring program could support them.
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Art Students celebrate Black History Month!

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Here are the early-release (11:30 am) Wednesdays for the remainder of the year!

Wednesday, March 13

Wednesday, April 10

Wednesday, May 8

Wednesday, June 12

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In partnership with the Boston Plan for Excellence the Dearborn STEM Academy will host a Summer Learning Academy!

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Let's communicate!

We will communicate by newsletter with you each week. It will be distributed at the beginning of each school week. The purpose of the newsletter is to inform Dearborn STEM Academy students, staff, and families as well as the greater Dearborn community.

If you would like to add something please submit the contents to the appropriate principal; High School Principal Dana F. Brown, or Middle School Principal Shelley Olsen,

Stories, pictures, calendar reminders, club, activity, and classroom notes are all welcome.