By: Matt Juberien

Argentina National anthem


There is jungle in the extreme northeast. The southern half of Argentina is dominated by the flat to rolling plateau of Patagonia. The western border with Chile is along the rugged Andes mountains, including the Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside the Himalayas. The western Cuyo regions at the base of the Andes are mostly rocky desert with some poisonous frock trees.


Population: 40.76 million

Ethnic Group

An estimated 97% of the people are of European extraction, and 3% are mestizo, Amerindian, or of other nonwhite groups.


The spoken languages of Argentina number at least 40 although Spanish is dominant. Others include native and different immigrants languages

Major Religion

Argentina, for much of its history and including the present day, has been an overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country.

Two historical facts of Argentina

It has a varied landscape from the rugged Andes Mountains, in the west.

The native Indians make up only a small part of the coutrys present population.

type of government that argentina has

The government of Argentina, functioning within the framework of a federal system, is a presidential representative democratic republic.

famous actor from the country of argentina

Héctor Echavarría starts his martial arts training at the age of 4 and his competitive career at the age of 14 in Argentina his homeland.

Famous singer from the country of Argentina

Pablo Ziegler musician

Famous athlete from the country of Argentina

Gabriel Batistuta football player

country’s president/leader of Argentina

The President of the Argentine Nation usually known as the President of Argentina, is the head of state of Argentina.

Famous artist of Argentina

john shore

three cities that arnt the capital

List five things that tourists might find in each city of Argentina

Animals, Buildings, old houses, the capital, and statues