Volcano Safety Tips


3 Safety Tips

Before a volcano eruption be prepared to shelter or to evacuate, you can developed a evacuation plan for you or your family. Revise the plan to make sure everyone understands it. Supplies you can use first aid kit,flashlight,extra batteries,food, water,eye protection goggles.

During an eruption- If the flow is heading towards you immidatley evacuate if you can, drive rather than walk take your vehicle.

Indoors- Close window,doors or if you have fireplace try to keep it close all times. Turn all fans,heating and air conditions systems.

Outdoors-Seek shelter , if near river beware of rising water . If eyes, nose and throat become irriated move away from area.

After eruption - Pay Attention to warnings, obey instructions from local authorties , listen to local news stay away from ash fall areas