About me

By Michael greer

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My name

My name came from the Hebrew name mikha 'el. My name came from my dads middle name.My names definition means one like a god.
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Most historical event

I think the most historical event from my birth year was when the twin towers were being attacked. It was a very historical moment in time for the fact that the act took many of live that day from people in the building and people trying to retrieve and rescue other people in that building. It is a time that we all remember as a horrific event that we will all remember as 9/11.


1. try and make it through school with all A,s and B,s

2. Make it through college and get my dream job

3. Make good money

4. Be successful

5. Be responsible in life making good decisions

5 Favorite songs

3 words

I think the three words that would describe me are kind,honest,and trustworthy

- I think kind describes me because I'm kind I'm not a mean person

-I think honest describes me because Im honest no matter what it is

- i think trustworthy describes me because I'm a trustworthy person there's nothing you can't trust me with



Believe achieve succeed

Believe- I believe i going to get good grades

Achieve- get all of those goals to happen

Succeed-succeed in life


Breakfast- cereal, pancakes,sausage and egg

Lunch- sandwiches,pizza,hot pocket

Dinner- pizza,Olive Gardens


Favorite belongings

Phone- my phone is a favorite belongings because I use it every day

PS3 -my PS3 is a favorite belonging because it's fun to play

Tablet- my tablet is a fovorite belonging because it's fun to use to


My favorite smell is probably chocolate because chocolate smells good. A good memory with of chocolate was my birthday when we had a cookie cake and it was covered in chocolate.