Gary Paulsen


This book is almost like a bibliography, except it gives some small, short stories. Which all are experiences that Gary Paulsen has lived throughout life. More specifically while he is out in Alaska with his team of sled dogs. These are all events that will never happen in the city and unique in the wild Alaska. For example witnessing a pack of wolves chasing down and hunting a doe is something many people in the city will never see. Gary shares many stories that are strange and also gives you a feel of the outdoors. Most of the time giving a short story that happens while he is either competing in sled races or just training his sled dogs. Woodsong is a great book if you are attracted to the outdoors or wilderness.

Most Memorable thing

  • The most memorable thing I learned from this book was that, humans are not the only people you could depend on. Animals also play a huge role in your life, especially your dog or dogs. Many people only seem to depend on each other but do not understand that your pet might understand you better than humans might be able to.

Most important thing

  • Fear definitely has to be the most important word in this book. Reason being because no matter what you do or where you are you will never get rid of fear. My understanding of fear, is that it will always be with you. Not one person is fearless and has to have some flaw.

Most Important Phrase or Quote.

"Fear comes in many forms but perhaps the worst scare is the one that isn't anticipated; the one that isn't really known about until its there, a sudden scare". This is in my opinion the most important phrase of the book. Throughout the whole book he encounters many scary and very frightening things. He learns how to deal with fear in a way that only he would know how to. Being out in the wilderness changes a person.

Something Else I want to learn

I would like to know how it all started. I want to understand why Gary chose to live in Alaska. Or even how his interest in dogs and having a sled dog team. I want to know why he chose to do everything he did. I think it would be awesome if Gary would make his last book a book of all of his more important decisions he has made in life.

Opinion and Recommendations

I would recommend this book to young adults. More specifically to those who have a strong interest in the outdoors and mother nature. Reason being because this book takes place in Alaska and most of the small stories that Gary tells in this book happen out in deep forest.
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