Thomas Paine



  • Born January 29, 1737 in Thetford, English
  • His parents were Joseph and Frances Paine
  • Thomas Paine was born into a Quaker family but did not grow up as one
  • Dropped out of school at age 12
  • Worked many jobs that didn't last long
  • Moved to Pennsylvania in 1774 with Benjamin Franklin

Thomas got married at age 22 to Mary Lambert. However, Mary and their premature baby both died during childbirth. In 1770, Thomas created a tobacco business with Elizabeth Ollive and her mother. Elizabeth Ollive became Elizabeth Paine a year later. In 1774, they divorced and went their own ways.

Political Affiliations:

Although Paine never officially announced that he was part of a political party, he favored democratic values. A democratic government best represented his morals (equality, freedom, fair elections).


Common Sense: As American colonists wanted to break free from oppressive British rule, Paine Persuaded, in his pamphlet, to rebel against them. The pamphlet brought sudden success to the colonists; tons of editions were printed all throughout the U.S. With aid from Benjamin Franklin, his writing easily achieved success to the common people.

The American Crisis: This was written after Common Sense. It inspired the Americans in the war to keep persevering and fighting during the war for their independence from England. troops to continue their battle for independence from England.

Thomas Paine took his writing with him to England and France. He wrote a few more popular pieces there: Letter to George Washington, and The Age of Reason. His writing inspired freedom of thought and democracy.

Thomas Paine - Common Sense


Citizenship: One who fulfills his role as a member of his society/nation

Integrity was not Paine’s only prominent characteristic. He also had a lot of citizenship. He used his love for writing to shed the light on freedom and the importance of being independent from Britain. He inspired people in America, England, and France. He influenced people to live and die for freedom.


Integrity: Having a strong belief in what one believes in

Thomas Paine had lots of integrity. He was passionate in what he believed in. As a writer, a lot of negative comments can be spread around because of someone proclaiming their opinion. Instead of hiding, he kept writing about his beliefs and thoughts. Paine did not hold back when he was writing and Common Sense, which instigated controversy. However, he did not let that stop him believing in his morals.