New Year, New Collection, New Opportunity!

Oh the places we've been and the places we'll go!

You're receiving this special bulletin because we have something in common...we all love Stella & Dot. If you haven't yet browsed the latest collection, you're about to love it a whole lot more. Here's a link to our virtual Look Book:

How many pieces do you love? 4, 5, 6, more?? If you love 4-6 pieces, we should definitely do a trunk show together because I can help you get them all for free and half price. But if you love MORE than 6, take a moment to consider this:

Until January 31, you can sign for as low as $199 and receive $450 in product credit (reg. $350)

2 parties in your first 30 days will earn you a $300 product credit bonus

1 of those parties could be yours where you'll earn the hostess rewards AND stylist commission!

On an average $1,000 show, you will have earned $250 in commission and $250 in free jewelry.

So, to recap, you're now at $0.00 out-of-pocket and $1,000+ in awesome Stella & Dot product richer!!!

Seriously, try us on for a season. One season. Then, if you're not excited about the jewelry, the fun, the passion for fashion, you can retire and of course all the jewelry is yours to keep. Or you might just love it and the rest will be history.

Sign Special EXPIRES January 31st...

If you've made it to the bottom of this bulletin,'re just a few clicks away from being a Stella & Dot stylist and joining my team of "Dazzlers"!
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