How Video Games Cause Violence

Video Games Cause Violence by Influencing Young Childs

Violence Associated with Video Games

There has been a few real-life incidents of violence associated with videogames. Two incidents that happened from the same video game franchise. Grand Theft Auto, an action-adventure game where you can steal cars, rob banks, and kill people, without even getting caught. It shows how the characters plan their robberies step by step. "On June 7, 2003, eighteen-year-old Devin Moore was arrested while attempting to steal a car in Alabama. Later, while in police custody, he went on a shooting rampage and stole a squad car. Three people were killed in the melee. It was later revealed that Moore spent a considerable amount of time playing Grand Theft Auto and may have based his actions on a similar scenario in the game." Stealing cars in Grand Theft Auto happens often when you just want a quick get-away after robbing a bank or just stealing it for fun.

"On June of 2008 six teenage boys were arrested after taking part in at least two separate armed robberies. The group of twelve- to fifteen-year-olds used crowbars and other crude instruments in the robberies of victims on Long Island." In Grand Theft Auto, you can play online with friends robbing banks. It demonstrates the players needing to work together to get the big prize, the money or getting better at stealing. However, there is a solution.

How the Parents Could Have Kept the Incidents From Happening

Video Games that are rated M is generally suited for Adults 17 and up. The games may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language. Parents must be present at the game store to say that they approve that their child can play it despite the rating in order to buy it. The Long Island incident dealt with kids that were too young to play Grand Theft Auto according to the ESRB rating. The Parents could have stopped this from happening if they were to review the game to see if their child should really be playing it. They could have done a little bit of research and found that they have been involved in many lawsuits surrounding the video game and real world crimes.