Pizza, Pool, IceCream Truck, & More

Cole is inviting you to celebrate his birthday

June 4th, Saturday, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 at the Pool Behind Enders Park Clubhouse

We have a great local ice cream truck coming at 5pm, pizza, and snacks. Come join us for a fun couple of hours. Schools almost over and we would love to get to know our son Cole's friends and parents, so we can support each other next year. Please RSVP by clicking on the big brown RSVP button at the bottom of this page or email me at

Cole's Birthday Party

Saturday, June 4th, 4:30pm

Enders Park, 947 Fern Ave, Orlando, FL, United States

Here is the address and we will be behind the clubhouse at two of the tables with umbrellas. My number is 407-300-8466 , so you can get in the front of the pool.
  • We will not be in the clubhouse but out by the pool. The address for the clubhouse is

  • 947 Fern Ave
    Orlando, FL 32814

    Baldwin Park
  • Fun Facts

    5:00- Will hand out tickets for all kids to get one free ice cream ( one of 3 possible choices),
    (From Ice Cream Truck)
    4:30-6:30- Play in pool or playground,
    5:30 - Snacks and Pizza

    This is a link to send me a message , if you are on Facebook. If not click on the other buttons to email me yes or no. Thank you