Gregor Mendel



He was a scientist that was the first to study genetics and go through with it. He created a hybrid apple and it just got bigger and bigger as he went on with it. He wrote papers about it and did experiments.

Early Years

He had some success in his early years. He was always good in physics. He attended church every sunday and rarely missed a sunday. Like most people he had some struggles too. He failed a major test four times in a row. He could not afford school.

Experimental Design

He mixed all types of things together and came out with a hybrid apple. That's why we have different types of things. He made the hybrid all by himself because all the other scientist thought what he was doing was a big joke. He did struggle a little because he didn't have any help, but he then succeeded.


Seed shape was round, Pod color was green, Stem length was long. He was not very good at what he was doing at first but then got better and came through with it. He failed a few times before he had a success.


They just blew him off and didn’t read his papers that he wrote about it. His papers weren't really took seriously until about 30 years after they were published.


It really got the field of genetics going about 30 years after his papers were published and it made it so that we didn’t have to learn and find this stuff out ourselves.



Definition: A gene that will overpower another gene.



Definition: A gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene.



Definition: A gene that in neither.