Newsletter 3 June 2020

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Dear Parents/ Whanau

It is hard to believe we are half way through the year! Four weeks are left in this term, with the term finishing on July 3rd.

Students are observing social distancing and school protocols as best they can and are enjoying being back in school.

The "Kauri Way"- our school values of

Kaitiakitanga, Akonga, Unity, Respect and Independence

are being explored in classroom settings and lived in the school environment.

With behavioural expectations clear and a well managed environment evident, staff are very much focused on delivering the curriculum. It is imperative that high expectations are at the fore and students work to achieve personal best standards on their "Pathway to Success".

Teachers will begin compiling reports and share these with you Week 2 of Term 2. Our Partnership Meetings will be held at the same time.

Included in today's newsletter is a survey related to "Future Education in Hawera". Paper copies are available at school.

For those who wish to complete the survey online but do not have access to a device or the Internet, the computer labs at Hawera High School are available for people to complete the survey in the following timeslots:

· Tuesday 9th June, 5.30pm – 7.00pm

· Thursday 11th June, 5.30pm – 7.00pm

Please take time to have your say and share this as widely as you can.Your voice will count!

Ngā mihi nui

Neryda Sullivan

Acting Principal

Please have your say!

The Ministry of Education is currently working on plans for future schooling in Hawera and the wider South Taranaki area. This involves investing money in property at Hawera Intermediate and Hawera High School. Previous consultation has been carried out on this, and now the Ministry is keen to renew discussions about how to achieve the best outcomes for students.

Six potential options for future schooling in the area are included in a survey which will be open until Sunday 21st June and information and the survey link can be accessed here:

Information: https://www.dandgconsulting.co.nz/hawera-and-wider-south-taranaki

Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HaweraSurvey

The whole survey will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete, but it is possible to complete a shorter version in about five minutes.

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Congratulations to Sam Maulder, our first student to receive our newest badge - Passion Project. Sam's passion is Minecraft.

This badge is about showcasing what you are passionate about and helping us to get a look into your world. It does not have to be anything related to school and could be something that you like to do at home, a sport, a band, You Tubing or anything else that excites you. You will get a choice of what to do, but the main point is for you to show others why you feel about this topic the way you do.

Some will be research, some will require building things and others will require creation and recording for you to fully showcase your passion.

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In Term Two we have continued our inquiry into Nga Awa, moving from the tuning in stage of inquiry to finding out and sorting out. As the names suggest these stages are about gathering as much information as we can and then filtering through and thinking critically about what we have. This is a valuable time for the teaching of research skills as students find information and then look for supporting evidence to prove validity - learning to question what they read and hear, perhaps checking if it is fake news. In the next week or so students will set themselves personal inquiries as they go further and look into an area of interest related to Nga Awa and their learning so far. We look forward to the outcomes of these inquiries whether digital, posters, dioramas or more!
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In PB4L we have been unpacking our new KAURI values...

Last week we learned about being kaitiaki or guardians, protecting and caring for our environments in and out of school. Students created static images related to kaitiakitanga and discussed what they can do to show their understanding. An obvious one was not dropping rubbish, and picking it up if we see it. Ideas were diverse from encouraging others to make good choices, to picking up PE gear left around, to caring for the gardens within our school and many more. This week we are learning about being Akonga (Learners) and what that means. Our goal for our students is to become lifelong learners, who know how to grow their own understanding, actively seek new knowledge and think critically about their experiences and what they see and hear whilst making their own conclusions.

Art work - 'Kaitiaki' by Rhubyn Martin Todd

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In Terms Two and Three we are in our winter uniform. This is not much of a change, except that students are allowed to wear plain navy blue or black long sleeved thermals under their uniform if they choose, and bottle green or black scarves and beanies. Black shoes and navy socks are compulsory during this time as well. Socks are knee length and navy blue. Girls wear the mid-calf socks which are available at The Warehouse in packs of 5 as they are considerably cheaper. Girls socks are a nylon type fabric or they can wear navy blue woollen stockings for extra warmth if desired. Boys' socks are knee length and woollen. Shoes are plain black - no labels or tags in any colour other than black. They need to be able to hold a shine and repel water when it rains, so leather or vinyl not canvas thank you. PLEASE name these items - even socks if you can as once they are taken off it is impossible to find the owners. A good idea is to name shoes along the edge of the heel under the foot as this does not usually touch the ground and twink pens will work there for a period of time. Otherwise use vivid inside the shoes. Make the names bold and clear please.
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