Minimum Wage

By: Yashika Colon

My view on Minimum Wage!

In my personal opinion I believe that Minimum wage is a big controversy issue in today's world especially in the United States of America. Minimum Wage should be raised because there is a lot of people struggling to make ends meet because of the amount they get paid only for working an hour. If congress decides to raise Minimum Wage people would be able to provide more for themselves and there families. Programs such as medicaid and food stamps that take a lot of money away from America could be solved by increasing Americans Minimum Wage. Our country is known as a country for freedom and listening to people's opinion. By not increasing Minimum Wage nobody benefits and nobody is getting the freedom they need. I think that this economic issue relates to supply and demand because depending on the country for example Australia. They have a high minimum wage but this is because there cost of living is higher then living in the United States.

World Impact

This topic has impacted not only the United States but also different countries such as Denmark, Australia, Germany and France which have a higher Minimum Wage. While, countries like Mexico, Sierra Leone, India and China have a lower Minimum Wage.
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