New Tires SMART Goal


Save up $500 or more for new tires for my car from now till june 17th, 2014 putting aside $40 a week from my job.

S- I will be saving to buy two new tires for my car($500). I will be saving up by myself, for myself because I will need new tires for inspection.

M- When I have enough money for the tires I will know I’ve succeeded. I need to save $40 a week from now till June 17th and will have more than the needed amount.

A- I have a good paying job with consistent hours and weekly pay so the goal is attainable and a reasonable stretch for me. The actions I plan to take are enough for me to succeed.

R- Yes it is a worthwhile goal for me right now. By the time my car inspection comes I will need two new tires and because of this project will have the money to pay for them and any other unexpected costs.

T- The end date for this goal will be June 17th. I will startsaving now. Today to help me reach this goal I will not spend money.