Better Than Yours!!!

Why choose Brown Rice rather than White Rice?

Major Disadvantages of White Rice:

-lacks Vitamin B1 which can cause fatigue, mental retardation and indigestion

-White Rice starch is highly viscous which can lead to obesity!!!

-It is very acidic and can cause our bodies to be acidic which is one of the main factors of modern disease.

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Pug says "No more white rice!!!"

We have the solution: Brown Rice!!!

Why eat Brown Rice?

-rich in Selenium which reduces the risk for developing cancer,heart diseases

-high in Manganese which helps the body synthesize fats

-rich in naturally occuring oils and helps normalize cholesterol levels

-promotes weight loss and makes digestion much easier

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CCHS Students Promote Eating of Brown Rice!

Our group's main goal is to implement healthy eating and reduce obesity in Asia (specifically Tokyo,Japan and Beijing,China).