Call Center Services

for Property Managers

Call Center Services for Property Managers

Small property management companies may find it difficult to manage after-hours phone calls. It never fails that if maintenance issues are going to happen, they occur outside traditional business hours. Having a 24-hour service is not a luxury for property managers, but rather a necessity to keep the properties safe and functioning. Communications companies provide a valuable service for companies that can’t afford or don’t want to hire staff.

Worry-free Service

When a property management company hires a communications company to act as the call center for the property, it relieves them of a lot of problems. Some of the benefits for property management companies when they hire out for after-hours reception include:

· Avoid major issues with quick response

· Get on wait list sooner for outside service providers

· Quicker response time improves tenant relations

A call center can take the after-hours phone call and respond according to the property manager’s instructions. They can contact on-call maintenance or outside vendors or create a ticket for management to deal with the problem the next day.

Regular Reception

Property owners who own multiple properties may not have a full staff. They may handle all of the management themselves. A communications center can become the full-time reception to handle emergencies and schedule showings. This allows the owner time to focus on the many other tasks that come with owning rental properties.

Another option for property owners or management companies that only have one full-time staff member is to use the call center for overflow calls. During the busy leasing season, more phone calls may come in than the receptionist or leasing agent can handle. In addition, he or she may be out showing a property.

It is essential for property owners or managers that they don’t miss a single call or it could cost them money. Utilizing the services of a communications company to take those extra phone calls helps a business grow.

Choosing a Company

One of the challenges a property owner or manager faces is choosing a qualified, professional call center. The company should hire trained staff who can handle many different situations. The call center agents should be able to communicate with the tenants or vendors and resolve the most common situations instead of bothering the property owner, except in the most serious instances.

The call center company represents the owner or management company and should provide exceptional service so that tenants don’t feel forgotten or ignored. If the center handles all of the phone calls, they provide the first impression for the company with prospective tenants. A professional, helpful voice on the other end of the call who can answer questions or provide information goes a long way in getting apartments or homes leased.

Partnering with a communications company to handle after-hour calls, overflow calls or all phone calls can be a smart move for a property owner or manager. The key is to find the right company that cares about the clients and their businesses.

Ashley Meszaros is the Owner/President of We An-Ser Communications in Calgary. We An-Ser Communications provides award winning call center services in Calgary, dispatching, medical answering services, man down services, lone worker support, wireless panic services and more. They service the North American market.