Heart Cancer

by - Grace Bertram

What is heart cancer?

Heart Cancer is basically cancer in the heart . Cancerous tumors that begin in the heart, most of the time sacramas, a type of cancer which forms in soft tissues of the body. But most heart tumors are noncancerous.

saracomas - a malignant tumor of connected or other tissue

autopsies - to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease

5 symptoms of Heart Cancer

There are many symptoms of heart cancer but I am going to give you a list of 5. But remember, if any are true that does not mean you have or will get heart cancer.

1.) Anxiety or the fear of death

2.) Really bad pain in your chest, usually under the brest bone

3.) Dizziness, lightheadedness or loss of consiousness

4.) Getting pains in other parts of the body, for example chest, shoulders, arms, jaw, or abdomen

5.) Sweating unusually, with means you can just be sitting in a chair or something and all of the sudden you're sweating like you just ran a race

How can it be cured?

Heart cancer can't really be completely cured, but there are therapy's and they help the patients releive the suffer and pain the pateint is going through. Some ways you can do that is..

chemotherapy - uses chemical agents to stop the growing of cancer cells

injections and drainage - draining of fluid to remove pressure that interferes with heart ability to pump normally

heart transplant - most risky treatment but the patient's gets removed so tumor can extract safely, then heart gets put back

There are also more ways to help with heart cancer!!