iMovie Refresher

"Rewind the Reel and Refresh"

Refresh your Movie Making Skills

There are a variety of ways of using student and teacher created movies in the classroom. Children of all ages enjoy making a creating educational movies. In using iMovie in your classroom you are not only teaching students how to make a movie, but you are teaching them the value and time spent in creating a project. Students are proud of their hard work and have an appreciation for how much effort goes into Hollywood films.

Workshop Objectives

  • Review the new iOS 7, iMovie Interface
  • Revisit the multiple ways to import multimedia and editing features, including audio
  • Review how other Apps integrate seamlessly to allow creativity to flow with iMovie, such as Camera Roll, GarageBand, Drive and Dropbox
  • Learn and revisit the various ways to export the iMovie files, upload them to Haiku (LMS) in order for students to turn in projects

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