Holiday Floral Scrapbook

By. Riley McGuiness

Mothers Day

Mothers day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1903. It is usually celebrated by giving mothers flowers, cards, and other gifts that show appreciation for moms. There are typically alot of reds, whites and pinks usued in arrangments, ith the cost ranging from 25- 300 dollars. Roses are the most popular flower used in mothers day arrangements. They symbolise love, and trust.
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Valentines Day

St. Valentine was arrested for performing secret marriage ceremonies and was arrested, but fell in love with the jailer's daughter, and before he was executed, he left a note saying "from your valentine." Roses are most popular because they symbolize trust, loyalty, love, and passion. Flower arrangements range from 10-550 dollars.


Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of jesus. The flower that are normally used are poinsettias ranging from yellow, to red which usually cost around 10-50 dollars. Other colors of flowers they would use are white and most of these colors symbolise the blood of jesus, the purity of jesus, and royalty.


For thanksgiving, centerpieces containing roses, daisies, and orchids. They are generally warm colors like red orange and yellow to add a comfortable environment for tables, and houses. The prices can be as low as 15 dollars for a smaller arrangement all the way up to 100 because of the large size, and amount of flowers needed to make a detailed center piece.


Many of the floral arrangements of Easter are inspired by Christian beliefs. With many vibrant colors commonly used, they always add cheerfulness and brighten up any room. Easter arrangements can cost as little or as high as you want, because of the variety of flowers and colors you can choose from, the most common being lillies, azeilias, tulips and daisies.


Flowers used for halloween are usually orange and a really deep purple that are almost black. These arrangements are relatively cheap. The colors are the traditional to the halloween holiday. In mexico, dia de los muertos or, Day of the Dead, has all the colors of the rainbow with as many types of flowers they can find. The prices are usually cheap

because the quantities of flowers used.