Putting Your Best Face Forward!

Amanda Pomeroy's R+F Newsletter - February '16

The Month of (Self) Love...

Happy Love Month, Everyone!!

One of the questions I had before starting my R+F business was if promoting an 'anti-aging' line was somehow NOT feminist. Aren't we supposed to love ourselves as we are? Isn't there enough pressure for women to look young, tight and perfect without me hocking a bunch of wrinkle creams? Could I, with a clean conscience, contribute to a conversation that is CONSTANTLY asking women to IMPROVE?

What I've learned is how empowering it is to represent a brand I love, with products I use and enjoy to women who DESERVE to feel good. I'm not doing this business because I think women need to look better. I'm doing this because I'm passionate about women feeling great about themselves: WHATEVER THAT MEANS FOR THEM.

I feel good when my eyes aren't puffy so I use our Eye Cream. I feel luxurious when I use the Night Serum because it's so silky and incredible, I feel spoiled every time I get to use the MacroE because the exfoliation does amazing things for my skin. Taking care of myself is an esteemable act and I'm proud of it.

I'm in the Self-Love business, not Self-Improvement.

Here's to you...loving you,


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"When I tell you I didn't even have 1 minute to pee alone, I wasn't exaggerating." - Jena Kravitz on being "too busy."

A single mom of twin 4- year-olds, I met this fierce boss a few weeks ago, and I just have to share her story.

She's a neuropsychologist at UCLA, a professor at Pepperdine University, on the voluntary clinical faculty at another large University-based medical center, has her own private practice and as if that wasn’t enough, she also was the president of the PTA at her twins’ preschool. It’s not difficult to imagine why she wasn’t looking for more responsibilities to add to her plate. But when we say this fits in the nooks and crannies, that's what we mean; even if it's while you're peeing or commuting between jobs. And you know what...? Her income from R+F is more than 8 times all her other jobs. Combined. So, yeah. ‪#‎GirlCrush

R+F Consultant: Morgan Butler...

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Morgan recently posted, "Hey hi helloooooo. Wow. You guys. I found this old picture (left) while looking through photos on my laptop. I sorta wish I hadn't seen it but then I realized it could help show you all just how amazing and life changing R+F really is! On the left.... Agh! My first few months in Australia! I definitely allowed myself way too much sun. On the right, just a few months ago (exactly 1 year later). Can you believe the transformation. AND... My skin has gotten even better since then, as it is now mid January! I truly can't thank Rodan+Fields enough for bringing my skin back to life. Remember when "tan" was in? Well not anymore. Healthy is the new tan and I couldn't be happier!!!

I have been using REVERSE for almost a year. I added REDEFINE to my routine in June. I also now use the Amp MD Roller, the Macro Exfoliator and the eye cream!"

90 Days later...

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Angie's results are STUNNING: 90 days using Rodan + Fields, she looks amazing AND she is killing it with her "little skincare biz" ~

Obviously her friends and family are noticing a BIG change in her skin and are hoping on board as Preferred Customers. She's organically growing the heck out of her business!

Full make-up in the Before pic and foundation free in her After pic! Angie said her skin hasn't been this good since her 20's!!! She's using REVERSE in the morning, REDEFINE and the AMP MD Roller at night, plus the Eye Cream! Get it, girl!

Becki's Before and After...

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It might look like magic but its just the right products in the right order, which equal the right results!!! The only MAGIC is that Becki wisely invested in products that address her exact skin concerns.

"I saw great results in 3 weeks with just the REVERSE regimen. I added AMP MD with Night Renewing Serum about 45 days in and at 60 days I switched to REDEFINE at night and REVERSE in the morning with Eye Cream." Rock it, Becki!

If You've Been Thinking About Taking A Leap of Faith...

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...let's talk business!

R+F just announced some MAJOR changes - making it easier than it's ever been to build this business "Jenna Kravitz Style" - in small chunks of time, at your pace, on your schedule. No home parties, no stocking inventory. If you've got WiFi and ambition - you can build a rockin' business with this company.

Thank you so much for your support.


Amanda P