Design Thinking Workshop

Take a NIIT Deep Dive & Develop your Creative Confidence

Design Thinking is a booming methodology for human-centered innovation. Come learn how companies like Apple, DeutscheBank & SAP are using Design Thinking to innovate & grow.

“Design thinking—a creative approach to solving problems—is top of the agenda at many leading global organizations. Such organizations view design thinking as an innovative tool that will help them evolve because it allows them to adopt a different approach to solving old and new management and market challenges.” The Financial Times, March 2013

Empathy & Rapid Prototyping

This exciting, hands-on workshop will focus on the design-thinking methodology and its five main building blocks: empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing. You will learn how to deeply understand your customers, identify human-centered innovation opportunities, brainstorm many potential solutions, make those ideas tangible, and quickly test them out in the real world. We will also discuss how leading companies use design thinking to obtain meaningful results, and how your organization can too.

Norwegian Institute for Innovation Training

NIIT is an innovation-training company. We work hand-in-hand with organizations of all shapes & sizes to help them innovate routinely by deeply understanding what human beings find meaningful.

Guaranteed to be highly useful and fun