Do cats know their name?

A new study by the University of Amsterdam

Do you have four cats?

We are a team of psychologists interested in how animals think: now we are investigating whether domestic cats can recognize their name and distinguish them from other names of cats that live together. We are looking for groups of four cats, at least, living together: we intend to expose each of them to the sounds of the other cats' names and then to the sound of its own name and compare their reactions.

Help us!

If you have at least four cats, you can make them participate in our project. Each of your four-legged friend will receive a yummy reward and you will give a great contribution to our scientific research!

If you are interested, contact us at the following e-mail address:

Dr Mariska Kret

Dr Malgorzata Gocłowska,

Ms Benedetta Romano

Department of Psychology

University of Amsterdam

Weesperplein 4
1018 XA Amsterdam
The Netherlands