Makayla Barrientos' Portfolio

A Brief Summary About Me...

My name is Makayla Raye Barrientos. I am 14 years old, my birthday is November 24, 2000. I am from Riverside, California. I attend school at Highland Middle School and I am in the 8th grade. I also play flute in the Highland Junior Band. I have two little brothers.


From the results of my self-esteem test, I have a moderately high self-esteem. I believe that my results showed up as this because I feel mostly confident in myself.
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The outcome from my attitude test show that I try to be optimistic and positive but some situations bother me. I believe these results are true because I tend to be positive and negative.
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Career Aptitude

According to my results on the career aptitude test, along with my attributes I would be successful in these following careers:
  • Mathematician
  • Technical Writer
  • Creative Writer
  • Sociologist
  • Anthropologist
  • Software Developer
  • Physicist
  • School Psychologist
  • Political Scientist
  • Computer Programmer|These are great careers but I, myself would not consider becoming any of these careers because I would not enjoy them.
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Learning Style

My learning style was visual. I agree with this because this is the best method I learn. This means I learn best by seeing pictures and remember things by sight.
  • Auditory: 30%
  • Visual: 50%
  • Tactile: 20%
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The typology test displayed that my type was an ENTJ. E stood for Extrovert (11%), Intuitive (38%), Thinking (38%), Judgement (33%). I mostly agree with these except for extrovert because I think I favor being more quiet, although I act different when closer with people.
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Brain Side

My most favorable brain side was my right. Corresponding to the test it stated that I use both of my brain equally, Right (56%) and Left (44%). The right side of the brain controls logic and strategy, while the left side of the brain controls creativity and intuitive.
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Color Personality

My color personality color was silver. Having a silver color personality means intuitive and pondering about the deeper questions in life. They are open to try new things, resourceful, and flexible mentally. Along with having strong morals, values, and making good decisions.
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