Mental Illness: Awareness Worth It

Presentation By: Jamie Medina

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My Thesis:

More programs and campaigns are needed to help educate the ignorant on mental illness to spread awareness.

Source #1: IU Study: 'Backbone' of Mental Illness Stigma Common in 16 Countries Studied (Article)

  1. Position: Prejudices against those that suffer from mental illness are prevalent, which negatively affects those who are ill.

  • From: Mental Health Weekly Digest
  • Author: News Reporter-Staff News Editor
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Supporting Details:

  • "educational campaigns directed towards ensuring inclusion become more salient," (paragraph 3)
  • people stereotype those with mental illness as "not able"
  • Mental Health First Aid=organization that helps people understand those inflicted with a mental illness/someone who knows a person with an illness

My Analysis:

As proven in this article, people have negative/false notions about others who struggle with mental illnesses. This creates a harsh environment for those affected, and equal opportunities are not always given to those who have a mental illness. The educational programs I propose will clear up these stereotypes in order to make a better place for those living with an illness.