Major Types of Business Ownership

James Lange - 1st Period Entrepreneurship

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

A Limited Liability Partnership is not a partnership or corporation. Owners are called members, not partners or shareholders. The owners have the same liability protection of a corporation. For more information on Limited Liability Partnership, watch the video.
What does it mean to have a limited liability partnership, or LLP?

Advantages vs. Disadvantages


  • Losses, profits, and expenses flow through the company to individual members avoiding the double taxation of a corporation.


  • An LLC disolves when a member undergoes bankruptcy or dies.

Sole Propietorships

A sole proprietorship is a business that is owned and operated by one person. The person running the business. For more information on sole proprietorship's, watch the video below.
Business Entities - Sole Proprietorship


A corporation is a business that is registered by a state and operates apart from its owners. They're two types of corporations, S corporations and C corporations.
What is a Corporation?
A C Corporation is a business that pays taxes on earnings. For more information on C corporations, watch the video below.
What is a C Corporation?
A S Corporation is a business that is taxed like a partnership. The income of a corporation is passed through the shareholders. For more information on S corporations, watch the video below.
What is an S Corporation?


Video 1 (LLP):

Video 2 (SP vs. P)

Video 3 (C corp)

Video 4 (S corp)

Video 5 (SoleProp.)

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