September 19, 2021

Sing UP for Weekly COVID Testing Beginning September 27th

I am very excited about adding optional weekly COVID testing for students and staff in partnership with professional testing experts at Grapefruit. I want to encourage all our families to sign up for free, weekly testing for your student.

Based on recommendations from the CDC, regular COVID screening helps protect students, staff, and family members.

  • It will allow us to catch potential positive cases early.

  • Keep our classrooms open.

  • And provide a critical health resource for our community.

If you haven’t signed up yet, I strongly encourage you to do so, and you can find the consent form link on the district website at www.unionsd.org. I’ll be sharing more information about the free weekly testing at Oster and daily community testing later this week.

~Mrs. Taormina

Last Call for School Site Council Positions!

If you are interested in serving please send the information below via email to Mrs. Taormina taorminal@unionsd.org by Monday, September 20, 2021.

  • Your name (or name of nominee)
  • Your telephone number (or telephone number of nominee)
  • Your email address (or email address of nominee)
  • Short description of why you want to serve on the School Site Council

Purpose and Duties of School Site Council:

  • Meet for an hour from 3:00-4:00 (online) 4 to 5 times a year.
  • Assist in developing and approving the Single Plan for Student Achievement, also known as the School Plan or SPSA, as required by the district, state, and federal regulations.
  • Review with the principal, teachers, and other school personnel, the implementation of the SPSA and periodically assess the program's effectiveness.
  • Make modifications to the SPSA whenever the need arises.

Independent Study Requests: Short Term

Vacations taken while school is in session can cost our school and district thousands of dollars each year. USD gets funding based on the number of students physically at school on a day-to-day basis. Please do not take vacations unless they fall on a school holiday or break if at all possible.

If a trip is necessary, parents may request a short-term independent study contract (for absences from 5-10 days) two weeks before the absence. To request an Independent Study Contract, parents will need to email Mrs. Taormina to discuss their plans. If a parent fails to notify the office two weeks before the trip, the student will be marked as unexcused for the duration of their absence.

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September 24: Oster Spirit Day (school colors: green and white)

October 11th: USD Board Meeting @ 6:00

October 13th: Oster HSC meeting @ 6:00

October 25th School Picture Day

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Summary of Upcoming HSC Events

Education Fund Donation Drive Kick-off

Need Homeroom Parents and Silent Auction Volunteers

What is happening behind the scenes at the HSC

Need Social Media Coordinator

Please use Oster in your Amazon Smile

Science Camp Volunteers needed

Before and After School Activities at Oster

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Valley Sports Camp

Join Valley Sports Camp at their After School Multi-Sport or Basketball Enrichment Class for boys and girls grades 1st-5th. Classes will be held on Wednesdays or Thursdays and will begin the week of September 13th. Our after-school class introduces and practices character building traits, referred to as our 'Word of the Day, through various age-appropriate sports and games. In the hour class, the kids are introduced to a new trait each week (i.e., responsibility, teamwork, perseverance.) Then, kids play a few games while focusing on these traits. At the end of each hour, the kids gather with their coach and compliment/recognize anyone that they saw portraying the Word of the Day. Games are not only age appropriate but allow children of all athleticism to feel successful. To learn more about Valley Sports Camp's after school program, please visit https://www.valleysportscamp.com/afterschoolenrichment/oster or call Jeff Mercer at 831-331-5324.

*This is not a Union School District Sponsored Event.

Beginning Band

Learn to play Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, or Percussion if your student is in Grades 2nd-5th. Classes will be held Tuesday mornings from 7:20-8:00. To register, please go to:


*This is not a Union School District Sponsored Event.

Bay Area Chess Club

BayAreaChess combines fun and learning while promoting a team spirit where everyone helps each other succeed and improve. Our chess program will cover the very basics for new students to the game and we can challenge experienced players with more advanced concepts. Students will have the opportunity to learn the moves of the pieces, opening strategy, tactics, checkmates and endgame play. Students will also learn valuable life skills through chess, such as winning and losing with grace, sportsmanship, planning and team spirit. Our mission is to transform and enrich the lives of students through chess. For more information click here: Oster21Fall (bayareachess.com)

*This is not a Union School District Sponsored Event.


Wednesday, Oct 6, 2021 — Wednesday, Nov 10, 2021 1:20pm-2:50pm PT

Grades K-5

Learn about LEGO® Robotics through this fantastic and interactive Snapology class! Kids will have a blast building robotic animals, vehicles, flowers, drill machines, and many more and learn coding using WeDo Robotics. Kids will learn about gear ratio, sensors, programming, and pulleys, as they create fun projects using LEGO® bricks and technology. Join the fun!


*This is not a Union School District Sponsored Event.

Math Olympiad's at Oster

Are you fascinated by numbers? Want to sharpen your problem-solving skills? The Math Olympiad club is just for you. This club is open to grade levels 4th-5th and funded by Oster's HSC. The Math Olympiad club will be held online this year.

  • Weekly practices will be emailed to the students starting in October.
  • The five monthly contests will be held through Zoom from November to March
  • Up to 35 students can participate. Assessment may be needed if multiple students show interest.

For registration, please visit: https://forms.gle/uJBYsJHkgqUF9q7J6

Register your interests before September 17th.

Free Math Tutoring from Leigh High School Students

Is your student in need of some extra Math support? Sign up for free one-to-one online Math tutoring for 1st-5th grade students taught by Leigh High School Students. For more information, please click on the flyer below:


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USD COVID Response and Protocols

Click here to learn more about COVID-related guidance and policies for USD schools.

USD COVID Dashboard

During the school year, USD will publish the count of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases on a weekly basis. Data counts will be updated on Tuesdays for the previous week.

To ensure privacy, names or identifying information of positive cases will not be disclosed.

Click here to view the dashboard.

Reminders from Santa Clara County Public Health

The county has various testing sites for people with symptoms; find one at: www.sccfreetest.org

Reminder: Masks are required in indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status.