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Cold War Culture

Stereotypes in Television

What: Not everyone was a fan of the t.v boom era. Both women and minorities felt as though television presented many women stereotypes such as staying at home and possibly cooking. Minorities were mad because t.v promoted a "white" America, and there was a lot of violence.

When: Early to mid 1950's.

Location: All over the US.

Cause: People at the time were angry and some even boycotted t.v because of the content.

Reason: Television at the time made many stereotypes that angered women and minorities causing them to avoid the t.v boom at all cost.

Result: Despite the hate, from women and minorities and parents worried about their kids seeing all the violence, nothing really happened. The FCC voiced their own concern about it, but it didn't go much farther than that.

Significance and to whom: This time was very significant because it was a time of historic television boom but not everybody was enjoying it. It, like I said many times, pissed of women and minorities by the idealized America. It also effected kids, because at the time there was a ton of violence on t.v which worried the parents.

African-Americans in Rock 'n' Roll

What: African-Americans truly were the ones to inspire the creation of Rock 'n' Roll in the 1950's, yet they were still segregated.

When: Mid 1950's.

Location: USA.

Cause: Though the creation of Rock 'n' Roll lifted African-Americans to a new level, they were still treated poorly, and their music was broadcast on it's own segregated stations.

Reason: Tensions and racism was still running high at this time, and although people appreciated the music, they still disrespected them.

Result: This resulted in the creation of one of the the most popular genres in the world to this day, but it did not result in any change for the African-Americans behind the music.

Significance and to whom: Although, there was no change for the African-Americans at the immediate time, the 1960's came, and they used the music to push forward to more appreciation and respect.

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry was an African-American who preformed Rock 'n' Roll in the 1950's, and started the Rock 'n' Roll popularity rise along with musicians such as Richard Penniman, Bill Haley, and the great, Elvis Presley.