Crystal waters,colorful foods,and lots of exciting things

Are you hungry for some exotic foods?

When your watching boat racing and your cheering for them,on a hot day like this you could use a Watermelon slushy. As soon as your done and your wanting a healthy snack, you can go out for some vegetarian food, like the spicy cucumber salad. For lunch, you can eat some traditional foods that can bring you luck for festivals. Are brave enough for a bug dinner? Be confident to try new foods.


Are you bored, well theres plenty of mind-blowing places.

Some interesting art and sights

Want to see something astonishing, go to Siam Square, you could see a rainbow duck. You could see sacred elephants in the past time. Some cool art was hindu traditions. Some of the sculptures was the primary theme of Buddhism. Get out and go see something interesting!


hindu sculpture

Be amazed by the things that you can see and do.

Go see some exciting tricks, at the fire dancing show. If your a lover of music, go to the songkran festival. Be excited to be able to ride an elephant. On a hot day, you could go do some boat racing. You could do things you've never done before.

Picture of beach

There are many temples around here

Love crystals and gems, the temple for you is the under ground limestone temple. Save your cameras, don't let them die, cause your going to want to take pictures of this, the golden tiger temple. The fun part is, you can take a picture with a tiger! Want to see some more creatures, go to the under ground dragon temple and see monks on water. After that and you want something classy, go to the emerald temple. Who new about these awesome temples.


If your going out of your country, to Thailand, your going to learn the language.

Well if your going to northern Thailand, you should learn the "Lao" language. If you said something wrong, that means you changed the tone of the word. A good thing to know is, if you see indian writing, it's the same thing, it's just based on Thai. A weird interesting fact is, Thai is based on Siamese. Better learn the Thai language, before you leave.

Better be careful when you plan your trip. Why?

Watch out for monsoons!!!!! Try to avoid June and October, it's flood season. But for good part, southern beaches are tropical. Make sure not to bring warm clothes, it's tropical. A good time to come is during, April, January, and March.

map of Bangkok, Thailand

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