Week of 5/16/16 Admin Information

No meeting this week due to Title I Meeting

No admin meeting this week!

We will not hold an admin meeting this week as the Title I end of year meeting will occur at the Phoenix Office on Thursday from 10AM - 4PM.

Graduation 2016

All administrators should attend at least one graduation ceremony. Graduation details are below. AZVA will graduate approximately 120 students and ISAZ will graduate 105, with more to come this summer! Our students have received nearly half a million dollars in scholarships and our graduates will be attending colleges and universities all over the country.

AZVA HS Graduation

Tuesday, May 24th at 6PM

Glendale Civic Center

Keynote Speaker: Darren Reed - K12 VP

ISAZ HS Graduation

Thursday, May 26th at 11AM

2532 W. Peoria Ave. (same location as PD)

Keynote Speaker: Lydia Todd - K12 Western Region DRVP

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Important Dates & Information

-All Academic Plan components are complete and available to all staff in Sharepoint. Access your school's Sharepoint site, click on "Academic Plan" and follow the links on the left hand navigation bar. Great job principals and academic administrators for all of your work on this project!

-SY16-17 Handbooks - Principals, be sure your teams are working on next year's handbooks before your staff are all off on summer break!

-Summer vacation - Be sure to plan your summer vacation and add your time off to the shared Admin Calendar in Sharepoint (contact Denese if you need access).

-Discount Tickets to Diamondbacks Games: (Questions? Contact Kimberly Young) Link, Promo code: DBSAVE2016

-Teacher summer vacation has almost arrived. The teacher summer break dates are May 30 - July 22.

-New teacher training will occur the week of July 18th. July 18 will be the start date for all new teachers hires.

-Back to school PD will occur July 25-26 (ISAZ) and July 26-27 (AZVA). July 26th will be the only date all school staff will be together, so we will do our large kickoff on that day.

-Upcoming travel dates: Principals and Kelly - June 6-8 in Herndon

Principal Contact

During these last two weeks of the school year, please do not reach out to principals for anything that is non-urgent. While I know this is a slower time of year for many of you as the semester wraps up, it is the most hectic time of year for our principals. In order to help them keep their head above water as we finish out the school year, please table all meeting requests and non-urgent emails until June. Thank you!


If you currently use DocuSign for any documents within your department, please reach out to Nichole to let her know.

Kelly - Upcoming out of the office dates

I leave for vacation on Friday, May 27th and will return to work on Monday, June 6th*. I will not be on email much during this time, but you can reach me on my cell with any emergencies. Please reach out to Lyndsey for any pressing needs.

*I leave to travel to Herndon on Monday, June 6th, so while I won't be on vacation, I will still be a bit unreachable while I'm in the air. I return from Herndon late Wednesday (6/8) night.

Data & Metrics

Scantron - Metrics are current as of Monday, 5/16. Congratulations AZVA HS for reaching 95% in all areas, and to ISAZ for being extremely close! Curriculum locks are underway in K8 and I'm sure these numbers will rise dramatically now that those are in place.

Reregistration - AZVA is nearing the 100% mark but ISAZ has a ways to go. As you have Class Connect sessions, phone calls with students, and any other contact, please remind students to have their LC indicate their re-registration status for next year.

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Mission Statements

Arizona Virtual Academy empowers students to reach their highest potential through partnerships between students, families, and dedicated teachers, in order to prepare them for future educational goals and careers.

Insight Academy of Arizona is a public online charter school that uses K12, Inc. programs and curricula to meet the needs of diverse student populations through innovative uses of technology, effective teachers and instruction, and partnerships with families and community, while specifically serving students who are struggling academically, severely academic credit deficient, and are at a higher risk for dropout. Insight empowers students to think critically and achieve academic success and personal growth with specialized support and programs. Insight Academy is accessible for all Arizona students- regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance – therefore, providing online education alternatives that are as unique as the students we serve.