Gamification with Edmodo

created by Bobby Brian Lewis

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems.

How I use Gamification with Edmodo

I create small groups under my main group on Edmodo each small groups

represents a different level. I create a "Level Up" board ( Symbaloo) linked with ) for students to complete tasks and when they complete tasks they advance to the next level. Students are rewarded with " LEVEL UP" as they advance to another small group in Edmodo. Students also receive badges when they level up. This is another feature that Edmodo offers. Students are given options on the board in order to "Level Up".

An example level would be (see below) -( )complete five requirements of the seven requirements. It is the students responsible to provide evidence that they have completed the level. This could also be done on each level with the assignments being posted on each small group on Edmodo instead of the padlet. My assignments on Edmodo are similar to each level as the nine week progresses so students that are advanced can Level Up as fast as they want. Students in general should Level Up as the class progresses. My class might not cover requirements for level 4 until the seventh week of class. Students might have to do some self learning in order to Level Up on their own.

The small groups in Edmodo are connected to the main group. My "level up" groups are labeled as computer Novice, Advance Computer operator, Computer Pro, Computer Expert, and Computer Trainer. Students can also advance to other levels by requesting permission and presenting evidence to the teacher by posting direct messages to the teacher on Edmodo. Students can advance through each level as fast as they want to, but each student will and should become a Computer trainer by the end of the nine weeks.

Each "level up" has it on rewards. This might be a special badge, a special website, or a special certificate to put in their backpack on Edmodo.


After running the gamification groups for a Nine weeks. I believe that it would be easier to create a group called gamification and then have students join that group.(I tell my students that they can be invited to group by completing work or asking to join.) I created a group called gamification with small groups under it with level 1 and so on. I think that staying on Edmodo for the gamification makes it easier and provides more organization. Pic below ( this should be the starting group and then small groups below ( levels)